Steps to Implement ART for the Construction Sector

For Main Contractors of Construction Worksites and Companies managing Construction Supply Works Premises

(ART Playbook Updated on 1 December 2021)
bca art onboarding process 3

For companies with Construction Account workers (CAWs) currently on RRT and working on non-construction worksite premises or projects which do not require BCA’s approval in Application to Restart Construction Works and Supply Works to resume works

(e.g. Lift and escalator installation works, renovation, minor works, repair and re-decoration works)

Self administered ART prep

Ordering of ART test Kits

  1. From 1 October 2021, the ordering and delivery of ART kits will be done at the individual firm level instead of project site level. Your firm will receive a 3-month supply of ART kits (i.e. October, November and December) for every individual who has attended RRT during the period of 15 August to 14 September.

  2. In the next top-up for the remaining months of end Nov/ Dec 2021, additional ART kits will be provided to firms in the construction sector for their non-dorm employees for the new FET RRT regime if affirmed that additional ART kits are required.

  3. Affirmation of additional kits will be based on your firm’s utilisation rate derived from the supervised ART test results uploaded in SRSV2 and FWMOMCare (capped at test frequency required for vaccinated workers on RRT regime), and hence there is no need for your firm to place any additional orders. Any firm that has yet to utilise the ART kits that were issued to the firm will not receive any additional top-up test kits for the remaining months of end Nov/ Dec 2021.  

  4. For firms which have recently onboarded additional workers/personnel onto RRT (i.e. after 14 September), additional submissions for kits can be made for these workers/personnel for these employees who have not drawn ART kits previously by 10 Dec 21 at https://go.gov.sg/bca-art-new-emp. Firms that have yet to utilise any of the ART kits that were previously issued may not receive additional test kits ordered.

As a high volume of orders are expected, delivery can take more than 2 weeks. In the interim, you may wish to utilise your current kits or procure additional HSA approved test kits from pharmacies, supermarkets or from any of the suppliers listed at https://go.gov.sg/bca-hsa-art-list

Management of Ag+ results

In accordance with MOH’s guidelines, ART-positive and re-tested invalid personnel are encouraged to self-isolate for at least 72 hours and should visit a Swab and Send Home (SASH) clinic to be assessed if they feel unwell during isolation. Click here to refer to ART Playbook for ART Results Handling Workflow.

art results handling workflow

Videos on Administering ART on Site and Remotely

Watch the videos below, courtesy of Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd, to find out how ART is done on site and remotely:

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