Uploading ART Results

Who to Upload ART Results?

  • Employer appointed ART Supervisor* to upload to SRSV2
    *advisable to be an employee
  • Work Pass Holders to upload to FWMOMCare under the supervision of the ART Supervisor

When to Upload ART Results? 

  • All Ag+ results to be submitted no later than 12 hours after the supervised self-swab is completed to SRSV2 or FWMOMCare
  • All Ag- results to be submitted no later than 24 hours after the supervised self-swab is completed

An invalid test means that the test was not performed correctly, or the test kit was faulty. Individuals should repeat the ART with new test kits. If they receive multiple invalid results, they are recommended to visit a licensed ART provider and obtain help from a professional to perform an ART. The test at the ART provider will not be funded.

Where and How to Upload?

  • Upload using SRSV2 and FWMOMCare
Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents


Migrant Workers


Individuals’ ART results will be recorded and reflected in their respective HealthHub or FWMOMCare after the ART results have been successfully uploaded.

If  a “Ag+” result for a non-dorm Worker is wrongly submitted on SRSV2, please contact FET Hotline (6876 5830) or email testingops@hpb.gov.sg during office hours.

Employers can use Safe@Work , SGWorkPass or FWMOMCare to check the Access Code status of your workers.

If the ART results had been incorrectly submitted as an “AG-/AG+” result for a Worker on SRS, Enterprises are to email to AskSRS@hpb.gov.sg with the information below:

  1. NRIC
  2. Name
  3. Date of VoRT test affected by erroneous result
  4. Company/ Employer for VoRT
  5. Company/ Employer’s email address
  6. Final result to be displayed (AG+ or AG-)

Video on How to Upload ART Test Results onto SRS

Watch the video below, courtesy of Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd to find out how to upload ART test results onto SRS:

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