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30 November 2020Circular on Co-funding Support for Safe Management Officers ("SMO Support") / 华文版
5 November 2020 (Updated)Circular on COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Amendment No. 3) Bill
16 October 2020Joint MOM-BCA-EDB-HPB press release - Work Pass Privileges of Two Employers Suspended for Breaching Rostered Routine Testing Requirements
30 September 2020 Circular on COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 - Commencement of Part 8 Relief for Contracts Affected by Construction Delays
25 September 2020Circular on Treatment of Claims Arising from COVID-19 in Public Sector Construction Contracts
18 September 2020 - Joint MOM-BCA-EDB Media Release - RRT compliance crucial for early detection to safeguard health of migrant workers
14 September 2020 - Joint MOM-BCA-EDB Media Release - Guidelines for Contractual Arrangements for Dormitory Rentals
8 September 2020 - [Updated] Circular on Construction Restart Booster to Support Firms and Workers for Sector Restart / 华文版
7 September 2020 - Joint MOM-BCA-EDB-HPB Media Release - Vast Majority of Workers have been Scheduled for RRT
5 September 2020 Circular on Productivity Solutions Grant for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
4 September 2020 Joint MOM BCA EDB HPB Press Release - 16000 Workers have yet to be scheduled for routine testing 
31 August 2020 Joint MOM-BCA-EDB-HPB Media Release - Final Reminder to Employers to Ensure Workers Undergo Routine Testing by 5 September
27 August 2020 -  Advisory to Employers to ensure Eligible Workers go through Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) by 5 September
12 August 2020
Media Release on Further Measures to Restart the Construction Industry Swiftly and Safely
BCA-MOM Joint Circular on the Implementation of Staggered Rest Days for Work Permit Holders and S Pass Holders in the Construction Sector from 19 August 2020 / 华文版 
11 August 2020Joint MOM-BCA-EDB-HPB Media Release on Multi-Layered Approach to Ensure Safe Restart of Work
10 August 2020Circular on Permission for Companies to Resume Work from 10 August 2020 and Review of Covid-Safe Accommodation Criteria
7 August 2020 -Circular on Cohorting Exercise for Construction, Process and Marine Sector Workers Residing within FEDA-Licensed Dormitories
30 July 2020 
Circular on Launch of HPB Swab Registration System (SRS) on 1 August 2020 / 华文版
Infographic on Swab Registration System / 华文版
Video on Swab Registration System
Download SRS Briefing Slides
Download SRS User Guide
21 July 2020Circular: Clarification on Cohorting Requirements under the COVID-Safe Accommodation Criteria
20 July 2020 Circular: Clarification on Cohorting Requirements under the COVID-Safe Accommodation Criteria 
[Superseded: Please refer to go.gov.sg/bca-circular-resumption-safe-accom for the latest circular and go.gov.sg/bca-cohorting-requirements for the latest cohorting requirements table]

29 June 2020
Circular on Ex-Gratia Co-Sharing of Prolongation Costs due to COVID-19
- Circular on Advance Payment for Public Sector Construction Contracts to Facilitate the Restart of Works

[Superseded: Please refer to https://go.gov.sg/bca-circular-claims-ap-eot for the latest circular]
27 June 2020Media Release: $1.36b Construction Support Package to help firms resume work quickly and safely
26 June 2020Latest Updates on the Restart of the Construction Sector 
13 June 2020 - Media Release - Resumption of All Renovation Projects, Subject to Availability of Workers
25 May 2020Advisory on Safe and Controlled Restart of the Construction Sector 
19 May 2020 - Circular on One-off Advance Payment for Public Sector Construction Contracts Affected by the Extended Circuit Breaker
[Superseded: Please refer to https://go.gov.sg/bca-circular-claims-ap-eot for the latest circular]
18 May 2020Circular to Inform Firms on Movement of Construction Workers after SHN 
15 May 2020
BCA Media Release on Gradual Resumption of Construction Work from 2 June 2020 
Joint BCA-MOM Notification to Employers on Post SHN 

7 April 2020Circular on Advance Payment and Passing Down of Foreign Levy Rebate
[Superseded: Please refer to https://go.gov.sg/bca-circular-claims-ap-eot for the latest circular]

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The Construction Workforce Registration System (CWRS) is an online portal for CoreTrade and Multi-skilling registration and the renewal of Direct R1 eligibility.

Online Registration for Verification System

ORV allows you to register the workers for Identity Verification and check your registration status online.

Online PTO System

Lift and escalator owners, contractors and Authorised Examiners (AEs) can apply for and view applications for Permit to Operate (PTO) here.