Latest Restart Updates

26 June 2020

Latest Updates on the Restart of the Construction Sector

1.             Since the lifting of the Circuit Breaker on 2 June 2020, the built environment sector has adopted additional safety measures to mitigate the risks of any potential COVID-19 outbreak as the sector opens up in a safe and progressive manner.  

2.             We have been working closely with the Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) like SCAL and STAS and we appreciate the suggestions on how to get restarted safely. Below is a summary of key clarifications and updates we have compiled for the industry.

Applying for Restart

3.             To provide clarity on the application process, we have come up with flowcharts that provide a step-by-step guide on how companies can apply for restart for their projects. The links to the flowcharts are as follows:

·       Construction Projects & Supply Works Flowchart: https://go.gov.sg/bca-construction-restart-chart

·       Landed Housing Projects Flowchart: https://go.gov.sg/bca-landed-housing-restart-chart

·       Construction Account Works Flowchart: https://go.gov.sg/bca-caw-restart-chart

·       Renovation Flowchart: https://go.gov.sg/bca-reno-restart-chart

Self-Check Tool and Approval Process

4.             We have also launched a self-check tool (https://go.gov.sg/bca-project-readiness) for companies to assess their readiness to restart their projects based on their ability to meet the three COVID-Safe Restart Criteria of (i) COVID-Safe Worker Accommodation and Transport, (ii) COVID-Safe Workforce and (iii) COVID-Safe Worksite. It is essential for companies to adhere to these requirements to minimise the risk of a COVID-19 resurgence. The full listing and details of the COVID-Safe Restart Criteria can be found on BCA website at https://go.gov.sg/bca-restart-criteria. After completing the self-assessment, companies which are ready for restart will receive an acknowledgement email with a link for them to apply for approval to start works.

5.             For companies in Construction Projects and/or Supply Works (see Table 1 appended below), they must fulfill all three COVID-Safe Restart Criteria. Companies performing Construction Account Works such as Facilities Management, vector control, and Lift & Escalator maintenance works (see Table 2 appended below) only need to fulfill the COVID-Safe Workforce and COVID-Safe Worker Accommodation and Transport criteria, as well as Ministry of Manpower’s safe management measures at workplaces as detailed in prevailing law and MOM’s advisory at https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/requirements-for-safe-management-measures.

6.         Companies performing new and suspended renovation works (residential and non-residential) can also apply to resume works. Different teams of contractors (main or sub-contractors) can carry out their respective works at the same renovation site at the same time, provided they are able to observe safe management measures. More information can be found at https://go.gov.sg/bca-advisory-resumption-all-reno-works. Companies registered under SSIC 43301 (Renovation Contractors) can resume operations by applying for the following:-

·      A ‘GENERAL EXEMPTION’ via MTI’s GoBusiness portal, if only Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents/Employment Pass holders are deployed; or

·      BCA’s approval to resume work via BCA’s website, if construction workers (work permit and S-Pass holders) are deployed.

Renovation showrooms and offices

7.         Renovation companies registered under these Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) codes are allowed to operate and do not need to apply for an exemption before resuming operations. However, companies are still required to submit the number of workers including those who are working at showrooms, offices or on site via MTI’s GoBusiness portal (select ‘PERMISSIONS AND MANPOWER DECLARATIONS’) within 2 weeks of resuming operations. Once your company has obtained approval, you will be allowed to resume all activities, including showroom visits and material selection. Companies are to comply with MOM’s Safe Management Measures.

Administrative works and works on non-construction sites

8.         For the resumption of administrative works in corporate offices, works on non-construction sites and essential services, please refer to the following table:

Administrative works in corporate offices, works on non-construction sites and essential services

Seek approval for resumption of work from:

Do not have construction account work permit holders (WPHs) and S-pass holders to be deployed


Seek approval from MTI for a general or time-limited exemption on MTI’s website https://covid.gobusiness.gov.sg. The link for this can also be found on BCA’s COVID-19 page.

Have construction account work permit holders (WPHs) and S-pass holders to be deployed


apply for the resumption of administrative works in corporate offices, show flats, works on non-construction sites (e.g. maintenance of equipment, repairs & rectifications, delivery/receiving of materials) via https://go.gov.sg/bca-reno-construction-accounts.

Dedicated transportation for workers

9.         We have also taken in your feedback on the provision of transport for the workforce and have assessed that since S-Pass holders and WPHs perform different job roles, we have revised the criteria for dedicated transportation (see Table 3 appended below). You may also refer to https://www.go.gov.sg/bca-summary-transport-requirements for the revised criteria for dedicated transportation.


10.         Employers must remember to ensure that their relevant employees undergo periodic swab tests and fulfill the swab test requirements as stated in https://www.go.gov.sg/bca-summary-swab-requirements. Upon approval of a company’s resumption of work application, BCA will contact the company to arrange for their employees to be swab tested. Approved workers (excluding those in dormitories yet to be cleared) may proceed to work while waiting for the test arrangement. If workers miss their scheduled testing subsequently, earlier approval given for resumption of works may be withdrawn. In the short term, the cost of swabbing for existing construction projects will be paid by the Government. Beyond that, the Government is working out arrangements and more details will be shared later. 


11.       Please note that Construction sector workers should only be deployed to work if their AccessCode in the SGworkpass app indicates a green status. Workers must download and activate the latest version of the TraceTogether app as it is a requirement in order for your worker’s AccessCode status to turn/remain “green”. For AccessCode issues, you may refer to MOM’s FAQs at https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/frequently-asked-questions/sgworkpass for more information.

12.       If you have obtained BCA’s approval for your workers holding construction WP/S-Pass to work but you are still encountering problems after 2 days, please fill in this form [https://go.gov.sg/bca-workers-sg-workpass-status] and send it to BCA_SafeWorkforce@bca.gov.sg.


13.       Personnel involved in Construction Projects, Supply Works, and Construction Account Works are required to attend relevant training to be familiarised with COVID Safe Management measures. All workers are required to attend the COVID-Safe Training for Workers. SMOs and SDOs who will be responsible for the implementation and coordination of Safe Management Measures at construction worksites (i.e. those requiring a building permit) will be required to attend the Safe Management Officers Course for Construction. These officers may start work while waiting for the course, but they should complete it within 4 weeks from the time approval is given to resume the project. For more details on training, please visit www.bcaa.edu.sg/BESafe.

Regular reviews of COVID-safe restart requirements

14.       BCA will continue to conduct regular reviews of measures and requirements as the global and local COVID-19 situation evolves. We will help the industry restart quickly but safely and will continue to work closely with the TACs to take in industry feedback to refine processes and achieve the best outcomes for the sector. For the latest updates from BCA, companies can visit BCA’s COVID-19 webpage (www1.bca.gov.sg/COVID-19) or subscribe to BCA’s channel on the Telegram app (t.me/BCASingapore).

15.       Please contact BCA at https://www.bca.gov.sg/feedbackform/ or 1800-3425222 if you have queries or require clarifications.

Table 1

List of Works where COVID-Safe Workforce, Safe Worksite and Safe Accommodation and Transport apply to: 

Construction Projects (excluding renovation works)
(a)   building works regulated under Part II of the Building Control Act, including insignificant building works within construction sites;
(b)   building works for a temporary building or the occupation of any such building regulated under the Building Control (Temporary Buildings) Regulations 2018;

Supply Works
(c)    works carried out at a conventional precast concrete yard;
(d)   works carried out at an integrated construction and prefabrication hub;
(e)   works carried out at a prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction fit-out factory;
(f)    works carried out at a prefabricated bathroom unit fit-out factory;
(g)   works carried out at a prefabricated mechanical, electrical and plumbing factory.
(h)   works carried out at a ready-mixed concrete plant; and
(i)   works carried out at a sand and aggregate terminal  


Table 2

List of Construction Account Works where COVID-Safe Workforce and Safe Accommodation and Transport apply:
  • All works excluding Construction Projects, Supply Works and Renovation Works, which are performed by Work Permit and S-Pass holders whose Work Permits and S-Passes state that they are from the “Construction Sector”.
  • Construction Account Works and any Insignificant Buildings Works (as defined in the First Schedule of the Building Control Regulations) and performed outside a construction project e.g. site formation works, drain, box culvert, pipe rack and support, canal, shaft, manhole, trench or tunnel for the purpose of laying sewer, water or other utility pipes that are not performed with Construction Projects, Supply Works or Renovation Works.

These include but are not limited to:
(a)   facilities management;
(b)   lift and escalator (L&E) maintenance and upgrading performed outside a construction site;
(c)   tentage, stage (as defined in the First Schedule of the Building Control (Temporary Buildings) Regulations);
(d)   pre-construction site activities, e.g. soil investigation, land surveyance, environmental and traffic studies;
(e)   replacement and/or  repair (including façade, window) , servicing, maintenance of M&E systems performed outside a construction site and plumbing;
(f)    HQ office & administrative Works; or
(g)   defects rectification during DLP.


Table 3

Summary of COVID-Safe Dedicated Transportation Criteria

Click on image to download PDF:dedicated transport table

[1] Type of work pass includes all Foreign Employees holding work permits or S passes in the construction sector
[2] Non-dormitories include HDB and private residential properties
[3] Dormitories include purpose built dorms, factory converted dorms, temporary occupation license quarters, construction temporary quarters and temporary living quarters
[4] Government Sourced Facilities are facilities set up by government for workers who have recovered from COVID-19 or decanted from dormitories. The workers staying there who are allowed to work would require dedicated transport to ferry them to/from worksites and accommodation.
[5] Construction site includes those who work at the site office only

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