Earlier Updates

Updates following MTI's Guidance on Suspension of Activities at Workplace Premises to Reduce Covid-19 Transmission  

Joint MOM-MOH-BCA Media Release on Extension of Stay-Home Notices (SHNs) for Work Permit and S-Pass Holders in the Construction Sector (1 May)

MTI's Guidance on Suspension of Activities at Workplace Premises to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission

  • Essential Services and their related supply chains and service providers are exempted from the suspension
  • All other business, social, or other activities that cannot be conducted through telecommuting or other means from home shall be suspended from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020
  • The list of activities that will be allowed to continue to operate will be updated at https://covid.gobusiness.gov.sg/essentialservices

Circular on Mandatory Daily Declaration and Update of Workers' Particulars for Employers of Work Permit and S Pass Holders in the Construction Sector on Stay-Home Notices (7 May)
Joint BCA-SIFMA Advisory on Recommended Adjustments to Building Maintenance for Facilities Management during the Circuit Breaker Period (27 April)
Joint MinLaw-BCA Info Note on Commencement of the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 - Provisions Relating to Temporary Reliefs (22 April)
COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020 (8 April)
  • Please refer to MOH's website as linked above, for more info
Circular on Advance Payment and Passing On of Foreign Levy Rebate (7 April)
Advisory for Construction Industry (Updated, 2 May)
Advisory for Companies Providing Facilities Management Services (Updated, 3 May)
Advisory on Lift and Escalator Maintenance, Installation and Upgrading Works (Updated, 3 May)

Advisory on Aggregate Terminal Berth Operators and Aggregate Importers (Updated, 6 May)

Advisory on Urgent Window Repair and Replacement Works (Updated, 2 May)
  • FAQs for Urgent Window Repair and Replacement Works (Updated, 2 May)

  • BCA Circular on Changes to BCA Services inview of Covid-19 Situation

    • BCA’s front-line offices, including the service centre at BCA Braddell Campus, will be closed from 7 April 2020, in line with enhanced safe distancing measures in view of the current COVID-19 situation
    • Our digital services will continue to be accessible during this period. Customers can continue to transact with BCA via our e- services through www1.bca.gov.sg/e-services
    • There will be no walk-in consultations at Jem from 7 April 2020. Qualified Persons who wish to consult with BCA on their plans should submit their requests online and our officers will contact them (Refer to circular above for more details)
    4 April 2020
    • Expansion of enhanced stay-home notice requirements to more countries
      • All Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders returning from ASEAN countries, France, India and Switzerland from 5 April 2020, 2359 hours will be required to serve a 14-day self-isolation at dedicated Stay-Home Notice facilities. The same continues to apply to returnees from the UK and US
    3 April 2020
    • Additional Safe Distancing Measures for the Workplace
      • From 7 April 2020 – 4 May 2020, additional safe distancing measures will be implemented
      • Essential Services and their related supply chains are exempted from the suspension
      • Entities that are able to continue to operate their businesses with their employees working from home should continue to do so
    • Circuit breaker to minimise further spread of COVID-19
      • Essential services will continue to operate
      • Closure of workplace premises
      • Government will announce added support for household and businesses on 6 April


    BCA Updates with Guidance from MOH and MOM 

    • MOH’s Frequently asked questions (FAQs) including
      • FAQs on the COVID-19 situation
      • FAQs for Persons issued Stay-Home Notice (SHN)
      • FAQs for Persons placed on Leave of Absence (LOA)
    • MOM’s Frequently asked questions (FAQs) including
      • Guidelines for employees who are travelling
      • Precautionary measures
      • Eligible claims and medical benefits
      • Flexible work arrangements
      • Quarantine matters
      • Leave of Absence and Stay-Home Notice matters
      • Temporary scheme to help businesses manage manpower disruption
     1 April 2020
     30 March 2020
     25 March 2020
    • MOM entry approvals and Stay-Home Notice requirements for work pass holders from Malaysia
      • All new and existing work pass holders (including dependants) planning to enter Singapore from Malaysia are required to obtain MOM’s approval before they commence their journey, regardless of the mode of travel into Singapore
      • All affected work pass holders will be placed on a 14-day Stay-Home Notice upon arrival in Singapore
      • Employer are required to declare that they have made housing and food arrangement for their employees
     24 March 2020
    • Further measures to help companies cope with COVID-19 situation
      • MOM will provide three-month extension of levy payment timeline for SMEs with immediate effect
      • Levy waiver for up to 90 days with immediate effect for foreign workers on overseas leave
      • Man-Year Entitlement refund for construction firms, whose work are disrupted due to COVID-19, for a period of six months staring from 1 April 2020
      • Allow foreign workers to change employer if they are not needed
    • Tighter measures to minimise further spread of COVID-19
      • Existing measures for workplaces continue to apply. Employers should put in place measures to reduce close physical interactions amongst employees. Tele-conferencing should be used in place of physical meeting wherever possible. Where employees can perform their work by telecommuting from home, employers must ensure that they do so.
     23 March 2020
    22 March 2020
    18 March 2020
    • Additional measures for travellers to reduce further importation of COVID-19 cases
      • Singapore residents are advised to defer all travel abroad
      • From 20 March 2359 hrs, all Singaporeans, PRs, Long-term pass holders Short-term visitors entering Singapore will be issued 14-day Stay Home Notice
      • Short-term visitors who have visited Mainland China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, Spain in the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter or transit
     16 March 2020
    • Advisory for employers on employees’ non-essential travel in response to updated travel advisory (COVID-19)
      • HR policies
        • Employers must set clear HR policies with regard to treatment of employees who travel outside Singapore during this period whether it is for work or otherwise
        • Employers must communicate and explain the HR policies to their employees before implementing them
      • Work-related travel plans
        • Employers should review work-related travel and defer all non-essential travel.
        • If work-related travel cannot be avoided, employers must ensure that their employees’ health is adequately protected in accordance with MOH guidelines
        • Employers should accede to employees’ request to not go on any work-related travel and should not penalise them for making such a request
      • Non-work-related travel plans by employees
        • Employers should remind employees of MOH’s travel advisory to defer all non-essential travel plans to all countries
        • For non-work related and non-essential travel outside Singapore, the employer may require the employee to use his own annual leave entitlements to cover the duration of any mandatory Stay Home Notice or company-imposed Leave of Absence. 
    16 March 2020
    • General advisory for workplace measures in response to DORSCON Orange situation in Singapore
      • Business continuity plans and managing operations
        • Employers may wish to consider split team arrangement for frontline staff to ensure continuity of services
        • Employers are encouraged to allow backend staff to work from home where feasible or consider split teams to minimise interaction.
        • Employers may consider measures to control and log access of visitors/customers to their workplaces, with temperature screening where necessary
      • Taking care of employees
        • Employers to take measures to safeguard the well-being of employees especially the vulnerable ones
        • Employers are urged to be supportive of employees’ needs during this period if an employee needs to stay at home for non-work related reasons relating to the COVID-19 situation
      • Employers must ensure that employees stay away from the workplace if they are on Stay-Home Notice
    15 March 2020
    • Additional precautionary measures to prevent further importation of COVID-19 cases
      • Defer all non-essential travel overseas
      • Incoming residents, long-term pass holders
        • Incoming residents, long term pass holders with travel history to Mainland China (excluding Hubei), Republic of Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, ASEAN countries, Japan, Switzerland or UK in last 14 days will be issued a Stay-Home Notice(does not apply to S’poreans and M’sians at land and sea crossings with Malaysia)
      • Incoming short-term visitors
        • Nationals of ASEAN country will have to submit requisite information on their health to the Singapore Overseas Mission in the country before their intended date of travel
        • 14-day Stay-Home Notice for those from ASEAN countries, Japan, Switzerland, UK
        • No entry or transit for incoming short-term visitors from Mainland China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, Spain
     13 March 2020
    • Advisory on social distancing measures at the workplace
      • Employers to adopt social distancing measures at the workplace, where practicable
        • Adopt telecommuting or videoconferencing to allow employees to work from home
        • Reduce duration and proximity of physical interactions
        • Stagger working hours
        • Defer or scale down non-critical events
        • Implement or enhance shift arrangements

    13 March 2020

    • Additional precautionary measures to prevent further importation and spread of COVID-19 cases
      • Travel advisory and border restrictions
        • Defer all non-essential travel to Italy, France, Spain and Germany
        • Residents and long-term pass holders with recent travel history to Italy, France, Spain and Germany within the last 14 days will be issued with a Stay-Home Notice
      • Social distancing
        • Put in place precautionary measures for mass gatherings, including reducing the scale of event to below 250 participants where possible
        • Put in place measures to reduce close contact of employees where feasible
    3 March 2020
    • MOM Entry Approval and Stay-Home Notices extended to more countries
      • All work pass holders with travel history to South Korea, northern Italy or Iran within the last 14 days and planning to enter/return to Singapore, to obtain MOM’s approval before commencing their journey
      • All affected work pass holders will be placed on a mandatory 14-day Stay-Home Notice upon arrival to Singapore
    25 Feb 2020
    23 Feb 2020
    18 Feb 2020
    17 Feb 2020
    17 Feb 2020
    15 Feb 2020
    12 Feb 2020
    • Leave of Absence Support Programme – Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
      • Eligible employers can apply for $100 daily per affected worker for the required duration of paid LOA granted to the employee.
    10 Feb 2020
    • Suspend all mass activities
    • Stagger the usage of common dormitory facilities
    • Arrangement for residents on LOA
     7 Feb 2020 (DORSCON Orange)

    - Measures for employers and workplaces under DORSCON ORANGE

    • Business continuity plans and managing operations
    • Taking care of employees

    7 Feb 2020
    - Advisory for employers and employees travelling to and from mainland China

    • Summary of measures introduced for workers arriving from mainland China
    • Actions to be taken by employers of foreign employees and mandatory declarations to MOM
      • Inform and seek written acknowledgement from affected foreign employee of the LOA requirement
      • Request for MOM’s approval 3 days before employee’s planned arrival date to Singapore
    • Definition of quarantine and Leave of Absence (LOA)
     2 Feb 2020
    - Advisory for dorm operators / landlords / management of premises/facilities
     31 Jan 2020
    New work pass applications and returning work pass holders from mainland China
    • New work pass applications for foreign workers from mainland China
    • Returning work pass holders with recent mainland China travel history
    Template for temperature tracking
    Template for travel declaration
    Note: The above templates are for employers’ internal use to obtain health and travel declaration from employees. 
    They are for reference only, and will not be used for submission to MOM.
     28 Jan 2020
    New work pass applications and returning work pass holders from Hubei 
    • New work pass applications from Hubei
    • Returning work pass holders from Hubei
     27 Jan 2020
    Precautionary measures for employers and employees
    • Travel and health declaration
    • Temperature checks and monitoring of health conditions of employees returning from China
    • Flexible work, leave and salary arrangements
    • Medical benefits

    The Built Environment sector can play its part in helping to reduce the risk of community spread of the COVID-19. BCA will continue to provide updates that are essential and helpful to your company during this period. As the situation is still evolving, please keep yourself updated on the latest advisories from MOH (moh.gov.sg) and MOM's (mom.gov.sg) websites.

    If you have any feedback, please submit them through our feedback form.

    Issued on 26 Jan 2020

    BCA Advisory for Built Environment Sector on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    This advisory advises employers and employees of built environment firms to take appropriate precautionary measures, in addition to the advisories published by Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

    MOH is closely monitoring the developments of the COVID-19, and has advised Singaporeans to avoid travelling to the whole of Hubei province, China. MOH also advises the public to continue to exercise caution and attention to personal hygiene when travelling to the rest of China. MOM has issued an advisory on precautionary measures for employers and employees travelling to and from China, as well as other known affected countries in response to the increase in cases of the Wuhan virus.

    To safeguard employees and provide for business continuity, employers and firms in the built environment sector, in particular the main contractor, should consider adopting the following practices and measures at project sites:

    (a) Implement a robust sickness surveillance process to identify and manage unwell employees, including:
    - To require employees and visitors entering the project site to declare their recent travel history within the past two weeks;
    - To implement temperature screening for all employees and visitors entering the site. In addition, to take note of any employees who have recently travelled to countries with known cases of COVID-19 and monitor if they are unwell;
    - To maintain a site attendance record and visitors' contact information for traceability;
    - To direct personnel who are unwell to seek medical attention promptly; and
    - To actively look into the arrangements for business continuity, should there be a confirmed case within their site or workforce; and housing concerns for employees who return from affected countries.

    (b) Remind employees to take note of MOH's latest health advisory, remain vigilant and adopt general precautions, for instance:
    - To advise employees to co-operate with the main contractor of the project site in administering precautionary measures with regard to containing the COVID-19;
    - To remind employees who intend to travel overseas, or have returned from overseas, to declare their travel plans / recent travel history to their respective employers promptly; and
    - To monitor employees' health closely and seek medical attention promptly if they feel unwell, especially if they have recently travelled to countries with known cases of COVID-19.

    The above additional precautionary measures serve as a guide for all employers and employees of the built environment sector. Employers should be proactive in introducing these measures for employee welfare as well as to avoid impact on business continuity in the event of outbreak within the workforce. Please visit the Ministry of Health (www.moh.gov.sg) for updates on the COVID-19 situation.

    Download (377KB) the PDF version of the advisory. 

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