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Updated as of 7 July 2020

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Construction Sector -updated on 7 July
Renovation Works -updated on 24 June
Facilities Management (Eg. Lifts & Escalators Maintenance-updated on 10 June
Support Measures - Updated on 6 July

Top FAQs


How do I know if my workers with construction work permit & S-pass can start work?
Workers can start work once their AccessCode in SGWorkPass app indicates a green status.
How long will it take for my worker's AccessCode to be green after BCA's approval?
2 days.
It has been more than 2 days since I got BCA's approval, but my worker's AccessCode is still not green, what do I do?
Click to download this form and send details to BCA_SafeWorkForce@bca.gov.sg.

Safe Management Officer (SMO) Training:

Who needs to attend SMO Training?
SMOs for construction projects and supply works must attend SMO training.
SMOs for construction account works, renovation & building works for landed property are not required to attend SMO training.
BCA has approved my application for restart, but my SMO has not completed training. Can I resume works?
Yes, works can resume after receiving BCA’s approval even if SMO has not attended training. SMO must complete course within four weeks from date of BCA’s approval.
Will there be more training capacity for the SMO course for construction?
Yes, total training capacity for SMO course for construction has been expanded to 40,000 in the month of June. In addition to BCA Academy and SCAL Academy, the SMO course for Construction will be available at NTUC LearningHub from 15 June 2020 onwards.

Popular e-Services


The Construction Workforce Registration System (CWRS) is an online portal for CoreTrade and Multi-skilling registration and the renewal of Direct R1 eligibility.

Online Registration for Verification System

ORV allows you to register the workers for Identity Verification and check your registration status online.

Online PTO System

Lift and escalator owners, contractors and Authorised Examiners (AEs) can apply for and view applications for Permit to Operate (PTO) here.