Administration for COVID-Safe Workforce Training Course

Updated on 23 April 2021

[Updated on 31 May]
If the workers have changed their mobile number, what should I do? 

Employers need to ensure that the contact details submitted in their registration for the course is accurate and updated for the workers to receive notification on course details.

[Updated on 22 June]
After registering their workers for the course, what can the employer representative and workers expect? 
Upon the employer’s submission of their workers’ details in the prescribed format for course registration at https://go.gov.sg/BESafe-Register, the applicant (employer’s representative) will receive an automated acknowledgement email.
Each worker will receive an SMS from ‘BCA Restart’ within 3 days, containing instructions on how to login and access the course.
(Note: For employers who have already applied for the course but have not received their workers’ login details from BCA Academy, please do not re-apply for the same workers unless contacted by BCA Academy. If required, you can submit a request at https://go.gov.sg/BESafe-Request)
[Added on 8 June]
My workers are redirected to ‘bcaa.instructure.com’ after they clicked on  
https://go.gov.sg/BESafe-Learn. Is the redirected page legitimate? [Added on 8 June]

Yes. Workers will be redirected to the Canvas platform at ‘bcaa.instructure.com’.

[Updated on 18 June]
Will I be notified of my worker’s course result? 

With effect from 17 June 2020, the employer’s representative will no longer be able to track their workers’ results through the learning management system due to system constraints. 

Employers should monitor the progress of their workers closely. As good practice, employers should instruct their workers to update their employer immediately upon successful completion of the course. The workers may also take a screenshot of their test results as proof of passing the course. 

[Added on 6 July]
How can workers check if they have completed and passed the course

To pass the course, workers must complete and achieve full marks for three (3) quizzes: Quiz 1 Group (5 questions), Quiz 2 Group (10 questions) and Quiz 3 Group (10 questions).

To check if your workers have successfully completed and passed the course, please refer to the screenshots below for reference:

  • Log in at https://go.gov.sg/BESafe-Learn
  • Click on the course card to view the first page of the course
  • On the first page of the course, click on “How to check if you have passed” (Screenshot 1)
  • Follow either “Check Passed – Method 1” or “Check Pass – Method 2” (see Screenshot 2 and 3), to check if your worker has passed all three (3) quizzes

    Screenshot 1:
  • ss1
    Screenshot 2:
  • ss2
    Screenshot 3:
  • ss3
[Updated on 4 July]
If my worker forgot to take a screenshot that they have passed the course, what should they do? 

Workers can login to the Learning Management System (https://go.gov.sg/BESafe-learn) to retrieve their record within the same day that they passed the course.

Upon completion of their course and passing of the assessment, employers will receive their workers’ results within 7 days via the email which was used to register for the course. If employers do not receive their workers’ results after 7 days, they may submit a request at https://bca.gov.sg/feedbackform.

[Added on 15 June]
Why did my workers receive another SMS to attend the course, even after they have passed the course? Do they need to retake the course? 

An SMS will be sent to your worker’s mobile phone once their application for the course is processed. If your worker receives more than one SMS, you may have submitted more than one course application for your worker. If your worker has already completed and passed the course, they can ignore the subsequent SMS.

[Added on 24 June]
What should I do if there are changes to my workers’ details (e.g. Name, FIN number, mobile number)? My workers did not receive SMS more than 5 days after course application? My workers cannot log in using their FIN/NRIC and password given in the SMS? My workers cannot see any course after they have logged in? 

Employers can fill up the Request Form at https://go.gov.sg/BESafe-Request.  Please read the instructions carefully and complete the required details accordingly. The expected follow up to your request will be indicated in the form.

[Added on 24 June]
How can I resubmit/reapply for the course if my workers did not complete the course within the designated timeframe indicated in the SMS?

Employers can resubmit or reapply for their workers via https://go.gov.sg/BESafe-Request.

[Added on 24 June]
My workers deleted the SMS with the login instructions accidentally. How can they get their login instructions again

Employers can submit a request for their worker’s login details at https://go.gov.sg/BESafe-Request.

[Added on 8 April 2021]
When will the course be discontinued? When is the last day to register and complete the course?

The course will be discontinued by May 2021. Workers who are required to attend the course must complete their registration latest by 14 May 2021. Application for the course will not be accepted from 15 May 2021. All workers, including those who had registered for the course and pending completion of the course, must complete and pass the course by 27 May 2021.

[Added on 8 April 2021]
How can my workers learn about covid safety after the course is discontinued?

After the course is discontinued in May 2021, the key content of the course will be included in MOM’s Construction Safety Orientation Course where workers will continue to acquire the awareness on Covid safety.

[Added on 23 April 2021]
Do I need to get my workers to go for MOM’s Construction Safety Orientation re-certification if they do not attend Covid-Safe Training for Workers course by May 2021?

We would like to advise the workers to register in the Covid-safe training course before 14 May and complete the course by end May 2021. If they had missed deadline, they may attend MOM’s Construction Safety Orientation course to upkeep their knowledge on covid safety. Do note that attending the covid-safe training will no longer be a requirement with effect from 1 June 2021.

[Added on 23 April 2021]
If I have a worker to be deployed on site between 14 May to 31 May 2021, how do I get my workers to complete the training during this period so that they can be deployed?

We would like to advise the worker to register in the course before 14 May and complete the course by end May 2021.

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