Safe Management Officers (SMO) Course for Construction

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Updated on 6 July

[Updated on 4 June]
What is the Safe Management Officers Course for Construction? 

The course is specially curated for the construction sector, to equip Safe Management Officers (SMO)s and Safe Distancing Officers (SDO)s with the knowledge and skills to implement and coordinate a system of Safe Management Measures (SMM)s suitable for the sector.

[Updated on 2 June]
ho should attend this course? 

All SMOs and SDOs who are involved in Construction Projects and Supply Works are required to attend and pass the course, in order to meet the COVID-Safe Worksite criteria for resumption of works. Please refer to the training requirement for different work categories.

[Updated on 2 June] 
Do personnel involved in renovation projects need to attend the SMOs Course for Construction? 

The SMOs Course for Construction does not apply to renovation companies. There is no need to attend the course.

[Updated on 31 May]
ow is the course conducted? Is there a limit on class size?

The course will be conducted in synchronous format, i.e. learning in a group at the same time remotely via Zoom.  It will be conducted in 4 hours, including a 30-minute end-of-course assessment. SMOs can attend the course using their mobile phone or tablet too. For effective learning, there will be a cap on the number of participants for each class.

What is the course fee? Is funding available?

The course fee is $75 (incl. 7% GST) per participant. Company-sponsored local employees will enjoy SSG Funding with a baseline funding support at 50% of the course fee (capped at $15 per hour). In addition, enhanced funding is applicable for the following categories:

Funding Scheme
(click on links below)

Course Fee Subsidy
(T&Cs apply)

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs

90% course fee funding
for employees of SMEs, capped at
$50 per hour

SkillsFuture - SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

90% course fee funding, capped at
$50 per hour

Workfare Training Support Scheme - Individuals

95% course fee funding, capped at
$53 per hour


[Updated on 4 July]
Will there be any assessment at the end of the course? 

Yes. There will be a 30-minute end-of-course assessment, conducted through the BCA Academy Learning Management System at the end of the course. Upon successful completion and passing of the course, and full payment of the course fee, an e-Certificate of Successful Completion will be issued within a month.

What is the format of the assessment?

The assessment will consist of scenario-based objective type questions. If the participant did not pass the test in the first attempt, they will be allowed to retake the assessment without any additional fees.

[Added on 31 May]
Can my company start work on site if the SMOs/SDOs have not completed and passed the course? 

If the company has successfully registered the SMOs/SDOs for the course prior to its application to resume work, the company will be allowed a grace period for its SMOs/SDOs to complete the course.

[Updated on 2 June]
For appointed SMOs in the worksite, do they need to attend the COVID-Safe Training for Workers too? 

SMOs appointed to implement Safe Management Measures on site are typically non-workers. Hence, they are not required to attend the COVID-Safe Training for Workers.

[Added on 31 May]
How do I login to Zoom? How do I take the assessment? 

Participants who have successfully registered for the course will receive an email notification from BCA Academy prior to the course commencement. On the scheduled date and time, participants need to login to the Zoom webinar session through the invitation link indicated on the email notification. Immediately after completing the Zoom webinar session, participants will need to login to the BCA Academy Learning Management System with the login details that were sent to them, to take an online assessment.

[Added on 31 May]
How can I register for the course?

To register for the course or to download the course brochure, please visit  www.bcaa.edu.sg.

[Updated on 22 June]
How do I create a BCA Academy Online StoreFront (OSF)? What if I have forgotten my password for OSF? How can I reactivate my OSF account? 

An OSF account can be created at www.bcaa.edu.sg/OSF. Password reset/user name retrieval can also be submitted via the OSF system. For expired/suspended accounts, you may register at https://go.gov.sg/SMO-Request. However, due to a surge in such requests, we seek your understanding and patience while we process your requests.
online storefront

Password requirement – Minimum of 6 characters containing at least 1 upper case character; at least 1 lowercase character; and at least 1 special character.
[Updated on 4 July]
I have applied for the SM
O Course but did not receive confirmation from BCA Academy. What should I do? How can I make payment?

Your registration for the SMO Course is confirmed once you have received the Registration no. TOLxxxxxxx (in 7-digit). The login details for the SMO Course will be sent to the applicant 2 days before the scheduled class. If you do not receive an email notification, please also check your spam/junk email folder. Payment can be made via PayNow or internet banking transfer. Please click here for more details. When making payment, please ensure that your Enrolment Number is indicated.

[Added on 24 June]
How can I change my date or cancel my registration for the SMO Course at BCA Academy? 

You can submit your request to cancel the SMO Course registration at BCA Academy via https://go.gov.sg/SMO-Request

[Added on 24 June]
How do I apply for the course fee subsidy funding (SDF, MCES, Enhanced Training Support for SMEs, WTS) for SMO Course? I am unable to find course code on funding at Skills Connect.

For company sponsored Singaporean/PR participants, you can apply for the funding at www.skillsconnect.gov.sg. Thereafter, you can send us the TG reference number and we will advise you on the course fee after funding.

For self-sponsored Singaporean/PR participants, you will need to complete the Declaration Form  (click here). Thereafter, BCA Academy will apply for funding on your behalf and advise you on the course fees after funding.

You can visit SkillsConnect (under Section 4.1 of SkillsConnect Guide) on how to apply for training grant.

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