COVID-Safe Workforce

Summary of Swab Test Requirements [Updated on 9 September]

Approval to restart
Builders / companies need to first apply to BCA for approval, if their workers are working /visiting construction sites[1] or working in those sites where construction work has not resumed, to ensure that they meet the COVID-Safe restart criteria (https://go.gov.sg/bca-restart-criteria). Applicants are to ensure that workers information submitted is accurate.

Swab test
Employers are required to make appointments for their workers’ Rostered Routine Test (RRT) to resume work. The appointments for RRT can be made through the online Swab Registration System (SRS) at https://swab.hpb.gov.sg/ext/login.aspx. Employers can create an account via https://go.gov.sg/reg-srs-acc if they do not have a SRS account. The RRT will be carried out by the Health Promotion Board. Workers who missed their RRT will have their AccessCode status turned red and cannot be deployed to work.

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Summary of Swab Requirements

[1] Construction sites includes “Construction Projects” and “Supply Works” as listed under Table 1 of BCA’s advisory dated 25 May, and building works for landed properties and insignificant building works (IBW) within a Construction Project.

Clarity on RRT Requirements [Added on 9 September]

The table below provides clarity on the various job roles that require or do not require to undergo RRT. Please note that builders/companies will still need to meet the COVID-Safe restart criteria and observe Safe Management Measures.

Click on image to view in full size:RRT

Updated on 1 December

[Added on 24 August]
What should I do if a worker is tested positive for COVID-19 

If a worker is tested positive for COVID-19, the employer shall immediately isolate him from the other workers who are staying with him. The employer shall notify BCA immediately of the confirmed case using this FormSG link: https://form.gov.sg/5ec748cd530c12001170e6e5.

All other workers who are working or staying with the confirmed COVID-19 worker shall not be deployed for work and shall stay within their accommodation until further instruction from MOH is given. In the meantime, the employer of these workers must ensure that their meals and daily needs are provided.

[Updated on 1 December]
The “AccessCode” statuses of all / some of my Workers do not show “Approved to Start Work”. How can I alert BCA of this 

If your Workers’ “AccessCode” statuses do not show “Approved to Start Work” after 13 August 2020 and it has been more than 3 days since you have renewed their work pass, please let us know via the BCA Online Feedback Form with the following details:

1.    Company name (as registered in ACRA) and unique entity number
2.    Workers’ full names and foreign identification numbers

[Updated on 1 December]
Who would need to undergo RRT?

All construction work permit holders and S Pass holders will need to be tested periodically, unless they are working from home or working in company office premises and living in non-dormitories. Please make a declaration at https://go.gov.sg/swab-declaration for workers working from home or working in company office premises and living in non-dormitories.

In addition, Singapore Citizens /Permanent Residents/ Employment Pass holders working on/entering construction sites  will also be subjected to this requirement. This includes all full-time and part-time employees, such as resident engineers, resident technical officers and project managers. Please refer to [link to swab test table] for clarity on RRT requirements



[1] Construction sites includes “Construction Projects” and “Supply Works” as listed under Table 1 of BCA’s advisory dated 25 May, and building works for landed properties and insignificant building works (IBW) within a Construction Project

[Updated on 8 September]
Do Singapore Citizens/ Permanent Residents/ Employment Pass holders  who work on construction sites need to be tested before resuming works?  

Singapore Citizens/ Permanent Residents/ Employment Pass holders working on construction sites are required to undergo RRT within 14 days from the approval to resume works.

[Updated on 8 September]
What about HQ staff that goes to site for meetings with only consultants and clients

Physical meetings should be minimised, e.g. by using tele-conferencing facilities or hold the meeting at the HQ instead of holding it at the construction site.  Please refer to Table 2 which provides further clarity on the RRT requirements.

[Updated on 1 December]
My worker has missed their appointment and SRS has auto-scheduled a new appointment for my worker. Do I  need to re-book the appointment

For workers who have missed their scheduled RRT appointments, their AccessCode will turn red. As such, employers are reminded to cancel the appointment auto-scheduled by SRS and reschedule these workers for an earlier RRT appointment immediately..

[Updated on 8 September]
How can I arrange for my employees to be tested? 

Companies should apply to BCA to seek approval to resume/continue works first if the workers are working/visiting construction sites or working in those sites where construction work has not resumed.

For employees who are required to undergo RRT and residing in non-dormitories (e.g. HDBs, private residential premises and hotels) and in cleared dormitories (e.g. Purpose-Built Dormitories, Factory-Converted Dormitories, Construction Temporary Quarters, Temporary Occupation license Quarters and Temporary Living Quarters*), companies would have to make appointments through the online Swab Registration System (SRS) at https://swab.hpb.gov.sg/ext/login.aspx. All swabs will strictly be by appointment only.

*TLQs with six workers or less will be deem as cleared unless there are known infections  

[Updated on 8 September]
My worker is not able to attend their swab test appointment. How can I reschedule their appointment? 

You can reschedule  the swab test appointments through the online Swab Registration System (SRS) at https://swab.hpb.gov.sg/ext/login.aspx.

[Updated on 1 December]
How long do employees need to wait to receive the results of their test?

Test results will be out within 1 to 4 days. Employees whose test results are negative will not receive any notification. However, employers will be notified if any of their employees have been tested positive or if their workers need to be re-tested,

[Updated on 9 July]
What should employees do as they are waiting for the results of their pooled test?

For employees who have resumed works, they can continue to work while waiting for their pooled test results. Employees should also continue to practise the same standard COVID-19 precautionary measures i.e. frequent washing of hands with soap – especially before eating or handling food, after toilet visits, or when hands are dirtied by respiratory secretion after coughing or sneezing; practicing safe distancing and the wearing of mask when leaving the house for essential purposes.

In the event of an inconclusive or positive test result, BCA will advise the employers on the follow-up actions accordingly.

[Updated on 29 June]
Will companies have to pay for costs of swab tests?

The Government will fund the cost of swab tests for construction projects until 31 March 2021.

[Updated on 1 December]
Who will pay for the treatment cost for COVID-19 patients?

Please refer to https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/frequently-asked-questions/eligible-claims-and-medical-benefits for treatment costs.

[Updated on 1 December]
The AccessCode in the SGWorkpass app for my worker shows a Red status. Can my worker proceed to work? What should I do?

Your construction sector worker should only be deployed to work if their AccessCode in the SGworkpass app indicates a green status.

Your workers can use the SGWorkPass app to find out why his AccessCode is ‘Red’ (i.e. Cannot go out for work).  To see the information in the SGWorkPass app, your workers can:

·      scan the Quick Response (QR) code on their work pass cards;
·      tap on the AccessCode colour bar to find out the reasons for a ‘Red’ AccessCode

You can also download the AccessCode details of your Employment Pass, S Pass and Work Permit holders workers from Safe@Work eService. Please refer to the Safe@Work eService onboarding guide for more information.

If your worker’s AccessCode indicates a Red status, some of the reasons are: 

·      Worker’s health status is not cleared
-       Worker has been tested positive for Covid-19 and not recovered
-       Worker is on Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice
-       Worker has not downloaded the latest version of TraceTogether app and registered using his FIN and work pass card serial number.

·      Worker’s place of stay is not cleared
-       Worker is staying in dormitory/block that is not cleared.
-       QR-code address and dormitory records do not match. This either means that your worker has failed to scan the QR code in his room using the FWMOMCare App, or the dormitory operators’ record is not updated. Please contact the dormitory operator to rectify this.
-       If your worker is not staying in a dormitory, it is possible that their residential address has not been updated with MOM or the Temporary Living Quarters (TLQs) they are staying in is not approved by MOM. To update your worker’s residential addresses, please go to:
          - Online Foreign Worker Address Service (OFWAS) – For Work Permit holders
          - Employment Pass (EP) Online – For Employment Pass and S Pass holders

If your worker’s residential address has changed, please update their address  and wait for 1 to 2 days for their Access Code status to be updated (subject to worker meeting other conditions for “Green” AccessCode)

·      No approval given to start work (previously displayed as ‘Grey’ AccessCode)
-       BCA’s approval to resume work may have been rescinded due to non-compliance with the conditions of approval or your worker’s work pass may be in the process of renewal.

You may refer to MOM’s FAQs at https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/frequently-asked-questions/sgworkpass for more information.

If you have done all of the above and obtained BCA’s approval for your construction sector Work Pass or S-Pass workers to work but are still encountering problems, please fill in the BCA Online Feedback Form.

[Updated on 14 August]
My worker is facing issues using TraceTogether. How can they resolve it? 

  Common Challenges:
How to help your workers: 
 1. Do not know how to download TraceTogether - Guide them with the step by step guide at https://support.tracetogether.gov.sg and https://support.safeentry.gov.sg and check that they have done so successfully through an indicator on the SGWorkPass.

- Refer them to videos in the languages of your workers to facilitate understanding.

Unable to download TraceTogether as phone is incompatible

- Workers with Android phones below OS version 5.1, iOS phones below OS version 10 and newer Huawei phones will not be able to download TraceTogether.

- Source for a compatible smart phone as soon as possible. Remember to register your employees’ latest mobile numbers with MOM at OFWAS (WP holders) and EPOL (S Pass holders).

- If you need help finding smart phone(s), you can contact the key telcos at:-
M1 1622 
Singtel 67331368
Starhub 83528552

 3.  Unable to register TraceTogether as worker has not received WorkPass card

- The TraceTogether app has been updated for workers without WorkPass cards to register using their Date of Application (DOA). The DOA can be found in their In Principle Approval Letters and Notification Letters.

- Please guide your worker to download the latest TraceTogether and follow the steps in the app to complete registration. Workers that previously registered using temporary work permit serial number ‘388562’ need not re-register for TraceTogether.

 4. Deleting TraceTogether
- Guide your workers to activate TraceTogether while commuting and at work. They should not delete the app and disable contact tracing, as they will be ineligible to work.
 5.  Uploading TraceTogether data
- If your worker is tested positive, he will be sent a SMS message with a PIN and prompted to upload his TraceTogether Data. This will facilitate rapid contact tracing.

Please visit https://support.tracetogether.gov.sg and https://support.safeentry.gov.sg for more FAQs and helpdesk support.

You may refer to the following video links for training.


Video Links for Training











[Updated on 13 July]
Why did my workers’ AccessCode status changed from Green to Red after updating their SGWorkpass app?

A new version of SGWorkpass app was introduced in June. In the older version of the app, the SGWorkpass app only reflected if a worker’s Work Pass is ‘Valid’ or ‘Invalid’ and displayed a Green banner for a valid Work Pass (see screenshot below):-

If your worker updated their SGWorkpass app recently, the display will now reflect both the Work Pass and AccessCode status (see screenshots below):-
accesscode eg 1accesscode eg 2


Swab Registration System (SRS)

[Added on 7 August]
Where can I find the user guide for SRS?

Companies can refer to the BCA circular https://go.gov.sg/bca-circular-srs for more information. Below are the links for the relevant documents.

S/N Topics Links
 1  HPB website for SRS  https://swab.hpb.gov.sg/ext/login.aspx
 2  SRS Account creation  https://go.gov.sg/reg-srs-acc
 3  Process for Swab Registration System (SRS)  https://go.gov.sg/srs-infographic
 4  User Guide for SRS  https://go.gov.sg/srs-user-guide
 5  Briefing Slides for SRS  https://go.gov.sg/srs-briefing-slides
[Added on 1 December]
Why is it that I have created a SRS account but did not receive password/login details? 

A19. After you have submitted your company’s information to set up the SRS account at https://go.gov.sg/reg-srs-acc, an email with the password/login details will be sent to the Login Email Address that you have indicated within 3 working days. Please also check your spam/junk folders in your mail box.

If you are using your company’s email as your Login Email Address, please check with your company IT team if there is a filter preventing the sending of emails from the Swab Registration System (srs_noreply@gmail.com) to your Login Email Address. If you still encounter issues, please write in to AskSRS@hpb.gov.sg

[Added on 7 August]
My company does not have/cannot remove these filters. What should I do next? 

You will need to create a Gmail account to register for the SRS. This will also be your new login email address. Once you have created this Gmail account, please update the Gmail account by re-submitting the form at https://go.gov.sg/reg-srs-acc. Once the records are updated, you should be able to login with the new email address.

[Added on 2 August]
Some of my workers are missing from the list in the SRS system. How do I add them? / What can I do if I need to make changes to the list of workers in the SRS? 

If your workers are Singapore Citizens (SCs)/PRs, you can manually add or remove them in the SRS.

If your workers are foreign workers, you cannot add or remove them as they are pre-populated from MOM’s database. To ensure your foreign workers are on the system, pls ensure that:

  • They have updated their latest details, including latest place of residence, in OFWAS, WPOL or EPOL
  • Their dormitories are cleared and their dormitory operators have updated their latest details to MOM
  • Their work passes are valid and not expired or cancelled
  • They are not COVID-19 positive, recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days
[Added on 7 August]
Some of my employees’ details are incorrect in the SRS system. How do I change this?

For eligible FW staying in dormitories:

  • In PBDs, dormitory operators can update employees’ details in the Tenant Management System, which is linked directly to MOM’s database.
  • In non-PBDs (CTQ/TOLQ/FCD), details will have to be updated on DormWatch.

For eligible FWs staying in TLQ and non-dormitories:

  • Companies will need to update the following databases (WPOL, EPOL & OFWAS) separately before they can be registered on the SRS.

For SC/PR employees:  Companies can amend and update the details of their SC/PR employees directly on the SRS.

Note: For mobile numbers, only one valid 8-digit Singapore number per employee will be accepted to receive SMS notifications. Invalid/duplicate/multiple numbers will be rejected. Mobile numbers can also be updated through the respective MOM databases.

[Added on 2 August]
Do I need to make swab test appointments for my Singapore Citizens/ PRs employees in the SRS?

You need to add SCs/PRs in the SRS for swab test appointments if they visit or work at construction sites. For more info on swab test requirements, pls refer to https://go.gov.sg/bca-covid-safe-workforce-faqs.

[Added on 2 August]
Do employers have to make their own swab appointments for both workers staying in dorms and outside dorms? 


[Added on 2 August]
I am a subcontractor. Do I make swab appointments for my workers or should the main contractor do so

You have to make swab appointments for your workers. Each SRS account is linked to a unique company UEN, and cannot be shared to make appointments for workers under multiple company UEN.

[Added on 4 August]
How do I change the email address or other information for my company’s SRS account? 

Please go to https://go.gov.sg/reg-srs-acc and fill up the revised information for your company’s SRS account. At the bottom of the website, click on the drop down menu and indicate “Please update my details”, before submitting the new information. 

[Added on 7 August]
Will SRS reflect workers who are Work Permit/ S Pass holders from other sectors e.g. service, manufacturing? 

The SRS currently only reflects WP/SP workers who are:

  • Staying in cleared dormitories and working from all sectors;
  • Staying in non-dormitories and working in the Construction, Marine, Process sectors.

    [Updated on 8 September]
    How do companies schedule swab tests for workers who are Employment Pass holders in the SRS? 

    Companies cannot add EP workers in the SRS. Similar to other foreign workers, EP workers will be pre-populated from MOM’s database. Please ensure that:

    • They have updated their latest details, including latest place of residence, in OFWAS or EPOL;
    • Their dormitories are cleared and their dormitory operators have updated their latest details to MOM;
    • Their work passes are valid and not expired or cancelled;
    • They are not COVID-19 positive and recovered from COVID-19
    [Updated on 8 September]
    BCA previously scheduled periodic swab tests appointments for my employees. Do I still need to make swab test appointments for my employees using SRS? 

    Yes. Employers are required to schedule RRT for your workers as BCA has stopped scheduling periodic swab tests.

    [Added on 7 August]
    I am the Point-of-Contact (POC) for multiple companies with different UENs. Am I able to use the same email for registration into SRS?  

    No. SRS accounts are unique for each firm with only one email registered to one UEN. Different email addresses are to be used for other companies with different UENs.

    [Added on 7 August]
    Previously, my company registered in the pilot phase for SRS, will my firm need to re-register for the SRS again?  

    Companies involved in the pilot phase are automatically added into the SRS, and no further action is required. Should there be changes to the company’s particulars (email address, mobile number, etc), please update the information using this form: https://go.gov.sg/reg-srs-acc.

    [Added on 7 August]
    I have forgotten my password for the SRS account. Is there any way to reset the password?  

    You may click on "Forget Password” on the home page of the SRS system. Please check for a password reset email from srs_noreply@gmail.com. Kindly also check your junk/spam folder for the email.

    [Added on 1 December]
    My account is suspended/blocked. What should I do?  

    An account could be blocked due to multiple incorrect login attempts. Please write in to BCA Online Feedback Form to verify and unblock your account.

    [Updated on 13 August]
    Do all employees listed on the SRS need to be swabbed?  

    Companies should apply to BCA to seek approval to resume/continue works first if the workers are working/visiting construction sites or working in those sites where construction work has not resumed,

    Thereafter, companies should register their approved employees who fulfil the criteria listed in the Swab Test Requirement Table for swab tests on SRS.

    For companies that deploy construction account workers to non-construction sites, they can proceed to arrange for swab test appointments using the SRS without applying for BCA’s approval.

    [Updated on 8 September]
    What is the maximum number of swab tests I can book in any given day for my employees?  

    Please refer to the maximum booking quota via SRS under the Staff Management Page. Please note that auto-scheduled appointments are also counted towards the quota.

    [Added on 7 August]
    How many days in advance can my company book the swab tests for my employees?  

    Companies can book swab tests between 2 – 14 calendar days in advance of the current calendar date.

    [Added on 7 August]
    Can I cancel an appointment? Will I get a confirmation once I have booked or cancelled on the SRS?  

    If appointment date for the staff is within 2 days from the present day, you will not be able to cancel the appointment. Only the employers will be notified by email if the first swab is cancelled. For subsequent swabs, employees will be notified by SMS respectively.

    [Added on 7 August]
    My employee/company did not receive a notification after their scheduled swab test was scheduled. Is the appointment still valid?  

    Yes. You can show a screenshot of the confirmed appointment to the staff at the scheduled swab site. Please note that employees must still bring their identification documents (e.g. NRIC, Work permits, driving license, etc.)

    [Added on 7 August]
    My employees cannot make it on the scheduled swab date/location. Can I change/cancel the appointment for them?  

    Companies can change/cancel the appointment for their employees on the SRS, provided that the change occurs at least 2 calendar days before the scheduled swab date.

    [Added on 1 December]
    Will I need to make a new appointment after each swab test?  

    Companies will need to make the booking for all employees for their first swab on the SRS. Employees will automatically be scheduled for their next swab test 14 days later unless they are:

    -       sereo-positive, Covid Active and Recovered workers
    -       staying in uncleared dormitories
    -       serving their Stay-Home Notice (SHN) / Quarantine Order/ Leave of Absence

    For suspected and inconclusive cases, employers should not schedule them for any RRT.

    [Added on 7 August]
    Will I get a notification on the automatically scheduled appointments? 

    Companies will receive an email notification while employees will receive an SMS on the automatically scheduled appointment around 1 working day after the previous swab test. This notification could be sent before any test results are released.

    [Updated on 1 December]
    My employee is a recovered worker. Will he/she be required to undergo regular testing? If so, how do I do it?

    Workers who were infected previously and have recovered are not required to undergo regular testing till further notice. Thereafter, such foreign workers will be automatically reflected in SRS and employers would need to book the swab test appointments for them. For Singaporeans/Permanent Residents, employers are required to manually include them into SRS and book the swab test appointments for them.

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