COVID-Safe Worksite

Updated on 27 Apr 2022

[Updated on 27 Apr 2022]
Do I still need to wear a mask at my worksite?

Mask wearing is optional in non-open-air workplaces if employees are in a static position in an area not used by customers, not interacting with others/customers. Employees are encouraged to wear masks when in doubt.

[Added on 29 Mar 2022]
Is my worksite considered an open-air area?

An open-air area is defined under COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020 as:

  1. an area, or any part of a deck of a vessel, lorry or bus, which is not covered by any roof or roof-like structure, permanent or otherwise; or
  2. any area as follows that is under a permanent or temporary roof or roof-like structure overhead:
    • a public path (as defined by the Active Mobility Act 2017), but not an underpass; 
    • an area that is substantially not enclosed by any structure, barrier or other device (whether fixed or moveable, opened or closed) that prevents or impedes lateral airflow to and from the area, regardless if the roof or roof-like structure is immediately capable or convertible to provide shelter against rain or water or the wind to people below the structure;

In consultation with MOM, the following (non-exhaustive) may be considered an open-air area in a construction worksite:

  1. The area under a cantilever roof with no sides.
  2. The area under an awning, or a retractable canopy, with no sides.
  3. Buildings or rooms with only walls constructed, without roof or shelters.
Can a Workplace Safety & Health Officer (WSHO) also be a Safe Management Officer (SMO)?

Yes, a WSHO can also be an SMO.

[Updated on 14 Mar 2022]
How many Safe Management Officers (SMO) or Safe Distancing Officers (SDO) are required at the construction site/supply works premise? 

Every permitted enterprise must have at least 1 SMO as a minimum requirement to ensure Safe Management Measures (SMM) are being implemented at their work places. There is no need for SDOs.

[Updated on 14 Mar 2022]
(a) Who can be SMO?
(b) Must SMO be Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Resident?
(c) Who should appoint SMO?

An SMO should be appointed by the Main Contractor. There is no requirement for SMOs to be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. The SMO’s duties are largely to ensure that the contractors of the construction sites / owners of the supply works premises have appropriate internal policies and procedures and adequate controls to monitor and ensure compliance of the Safe Management Measures (SMM). The SMO will also need to ensure that the contractors of construction sites / owners of supply works premises conduct an adequate analysis of the risks of COVID-19 infections and make recommendations to mitigate any risks identified. As such, the SMO may hold dual role in addition to other role (e.g. the Project Manager, Construction Manager or Site Engineer or Safety Supervisor) but must be able to exercise the duties expected i.e. to ensure that SMM are properly implemented and adhered to.

[Added on 27 April 2022]
Is team segregation still required at the worksite?

Team segregation is no longer required at worksite. However, it would be a good practice to continue to practice teaming of workforce to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on the health of the workforce.

[Updated on 23 April 2021]
Can a site be separated into
2 or more sub-sites?

Yes, a physical barrier is to be erected and there must be a separate entrance/exit for each sub-site. Within each sub-site, the same segregation requirements for each team will apply.

[Added on 27 Apr 2022]
Is TraceTogether only SafeEntry still required for Construction worksites or supply works premises?

From 26 April onwards, there is no need for Construction worksites or supply works premises to install TraceTogether only SafeEntry at the entry points of the premises. 

[Updated on 27 Apr 2022]
For lift upgrading works, HDB Upgrading works, road works, etc. where there are multiple/less defined sites, is TraceTogether only SafeEntry required?

No. From 26 April onwards, there is no need to implement TraceTogether only SafeEntry at these premises.

[Updated on 27 Apr 2022]
(a) Must SMO be on-site full time or can they be assigned to multiple worksites?
Can RE/RTO be appointed as SMO? 

SMOs are required to be on site for the full duration of when works are being carried out. They can hold this SMO role appointed by Main Contractor in addition to 1 other role (e.g. Workplace Safety Health Officer (“WSHO”) / Project Manager / Site Engineer / Safety Supervisor / Coordinator / Senior Foreman/ RE/ RTO) but must be able to exercise the duties expected i.e. to ensure that SMM are properly implemented and adhered to.

SMO can be assigned to more than 1 site if there are no ongoing works on the other site. Once there is ongoing works, SMO has to be present at site.

[Updated on 27 Apr 2022]
For companies with a small number of workers, are the workers allowed to be cross-deployed to multiple worksites? 

Yes. There is no restriction on cross-deployment from 15 March 2022 onwards.

[Updated on 14 Mar 2022]
Who can cover SMO’s duties when SMO needs to go on leave

A covering SMO will be required if the SMO needs to go on leave.

[Added on 23 April 2021]
Can I organise seminars/conferences/corporate events in the construction site premise (inclusive of site office)?

All communications are still advised to be done through video/conference calls or any other electronic means where possible. Where work-related events such as seminars/conferences/corporate events need to be held in the site premises (inclusive of site office), they must adhere to MOM’s prevailing workplace Safe Management Measures and requirements for work-related events, found on MOM’s website: https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/requirements-for-safe-management-measures

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