COVID-Safe Worksite

Updated on 23 April 2021

Are locals and foreign workers subject to the same COVID-Safe Worksite criteria? 

The applicability of the various COVID-safe requirements are stated in the respective guidelines.

What can the homeowner/members of the public do if they observe that contractor(s) are not seen to be implementing COVID-Safe Restart/safe-distancing measures while carrying out activities? 

Members of the public can inform BCA at https://www.bca.gov.sg/feedbackform/  or 1800-3425222.

Can a Workplace Safety & Health Officer (WSHO) also be a Safe Management Officer (SMO)?

Yes, a WSHO can also be an SMO.

How many Safe Management Officers (SMO) or Safe Distancing Officers (SDO) are required at the construction site/supply works premise? 

Every permitted enterprise must have at least 1 SMO as a minimum requirement to ensure Safe Management Measures (SMM) are being implemented at their work places. 

The Builder for Construction Projects / Owner for Supply Works Premise, is to appoint SMOs and SDOs when works are carried out based on the following requirements: 
-Total no. of workers  ≤ 10 – 1 SMO 
- Total no. of workers > 10 but ≤ 50 – 1 SMO and 1 SDO 
- Total no. of workers > 50 – at least 1 SMO, and 1 SDO for every 50 workers 

For example: 
- For a site/supply works premise with a total of 50 workers, 1 SMO and 1 SDO is required.
- For a site/supply works premise with a total of 100 workers, 1 SMO and 2 SDOs are required.

[Updated on 12 June]
(a) What is the difference between an SMO and an SDO?
(b) Who can be SMO and SDO?
(c) Must SMO and SDO be Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Resident?
(d) Who should appoint SMO and SDO? 

An SMO/SDO should be appointed by the Main Contractor. There is no requirement for SMOs and SDOs to be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. The SMO’s duties are largely to ensure that the contractors of the construction sites / owners of the supply works premises have appropriate internal policies and procedures and adequate controls to monitor and ensure compliance of the Safe Management Measures (SMM) (refer to Clause 2 under COVID-safe worksite in the COVID-safe restart criteria for more information). The SMO will also need to ensure that the contractors of construction sites / owners of supply works premises conduct an adequate analysis of the risks of COVID-19 infections and make recommendations to mitigate any risks identified. As such, the SMO may hold dual role in addition to other role (e.g. the Project Manager, Construction Manager or Site Engineer or Safety Supervisor) but must be able to exercise the duties expected i.e. to ensure that SMM are properly implemented and adhered to.

The SDO is to assist the SMO in ensuring SMM are complied with and to help in carrying out any necessary corrective actions. They will alleviate the operational duties of the SMOs such that SMOs can focus on ensuring a robust SMM system is implemented. The SDO may hold dual role in addition to other role, for example, by the foreman or a more senior member among the workers.

Both SMOs and SDOs will have to attend the Safe Management Officers training for the construction sector (more information available at www.bcaa.edu.sg/BESafe.

[Updated on 23 April 2021]
Can a team be divided into sub-teams at the worksite? 

Yes. Each sub-team will be treated as separate teams. Each sub-team is advised to be segregated both at place of accommodation as well as at worksite from the other sub-teams even if they are doing the same activity.

Are multiple dedicated accommodations allowed? 

It is possible for workers of a worksite to be housed at one or more dedicated accommodations, for example, one on-site CTQ and another TOLQ.

[Updated on 23 April 2021]
Can a site be separated into 2 or more sub-sites?

Yes, a physical barrier is to be erected and there must be a separate entrance/exit for each sub-site. Within each sub-site, the same segregation requirements for each team will apply.

[Updated on 23 April 2021]
My worksite does not allow workers to hold on to mobile phones while at the work area due to safety/security reasons. Can I use other methods to replace TraceTogether? 

It will be a requirement for all personnel at the worksite to have their contact tracing devices (e.g. TraceTogether token or mobile phone with TraceTogether app downloaded and activated or BluePass token) with them at all times. In the application to resume works, the contractor has to confirm that this requirement can be achieved.

[Updated on 23 April 2021]
Where can I get the User Guide for SafeEntry NRIC? 

The user guide is available for download at https://support.safeentry.gov.sg/hc/en-us/articles/900000954243. Please select the user guide titled “SafeEntry NRIC User Guide for Construction, Marine and Process (CMP) Work Sites.”

Follow the steps under the section “6.1 Information for business in Construction, Marine and Process (CMP) sectors” in the SafeEntry User Guide.

[Updated on 4 June]
Where can I get technical support for SafeEntry NRIC?

Where can I find more resources and FAQs on SafeEntry? 

More resources and FAQs are available at https://www.safeentry.gov.sg.

[Added on 12 June]
Do I need to use SafeEntry NRIC for each work zone within my project site?

SafeEntry NRIC may be deployed. Physical barriers or tapes maybe also be used to demarcate the work zones. Work zones should be a minimum of 2m apart. Workers should be assigned with visual identifiers (e.g. coloured vest, T-shirt, armband, stickers on helmets etc.) to each team of workers, to allow individuals to distance themselves from other teams.

[Added on 12 June]
For lift upgrading works, HDB Upgrading works, road works, etc. where there are multiple/less defined sites, is SafeEntry required? How should it be implemented? 
[Added on 12 June]

Yes. SafeEntry can be implemented by logging in and out similarly.

[Added on 12 June]
(a) Must SMO and SDO be on-site full time or can they be assigned to multiple worksites?
Can RE/RTO be appointed as SMO or SDO? 

SMO/SDOs are required to be on site for the full duration of when works are being carried out. They can hold this SMO/SDO role appointed by Main Contractor in addition to 1 other role (e.g. Workplace Safety Health Officer (“WSHO”) / Project Manager / Site Engineer / Safety Supervisor / Coordinator / Senior Foreman/ RE/ RTO) but must be able to exercise the duties expected i.e. to ensure that SMM are properly implemented and adhered to.

SMO can be assigned to more than 1 site if there are no ongoing works on the other site. Once there is ongoing works, SMO has to be present at site.

[Added on 12 June]
For companies with a small number of workers, are the workers allowed to be cross-deployed to multiple worksites? 

For short-term workers, i.e. for those who are required to be on site for 1-2 hrs or 1-2 days a week, you can refer to the details under clause 17 and 18 of the COVID-safe worksite section under https://go.gov.sg/bca-restart-criteria.

[Updated on 23 April 2021]
(a) What should a consultant (e.g. QP / PE), the supervision team (RE / RTO )need to do if he needs to visit different site for inspection/certification?
What should the owner/client do if they want to visit the site? 

All personnel who are regularly involved in the Construction Project/Supply Works (part-time or full-time) should be included in the Main Contractor’s restart application. Owners, Clients, Qualified Persons and site supervisors such as REs and RTOs should also be included in the application.

[Added on 30 July]
Who can cover SMO’s duties when SMO needs to go on leave

The SDO may cover the SMO’s duties if the SMO needs to go on leave for a period of no more than 3 days. For a leave period of more than 3 days, a covering SMO will be required. Hence, we encourage builders to send more staff to train as SMO.

[Added on 30 July]
Can I use SafeEntry QR code instead of SafeEntry NRIC at entry and exit of construction sites and supply works

No. SafeEntry NRIC must be deployed at the entry/exit points of all worksites as SafeEntry QR code is unable to integrate with MOM access code at the moment. Hence, if SafeEntry QR code is used, the builder would not be able to assess if the worker’s health status is green.

[Added on 23 April 2021]
Is there a minimum number of zones for each construction site?

No. There is no stipulation of minimum number of zones for each site. For small sites like landed residential property, the whole site can be considered as a single zone as long as SMM measures can be adhered to.

[Added on 23 April 2021]
Is there a limit on the number of workers per team/number of teams per zone?

No. There is no limit on the number of workers per team or number of teams per zone so long as other SMM measures can be adhered to. For example, multiple teams can work in the same zone at the same time, provided that there is at least 2m safe distancing between workers from different teams.

[Added on 23 April 2021]
Do I have to submit modifications to BCA if there are changes to zone assignment to the teams?

If there are changes to the details of the workers, builders have to submit to BCA the updated list of workers as well as the updated SMM plans. However, if there are no additions or removals of workers, there is no need to submit the changes of zoning to BCA. Builders must update their SMM plans and keep a copy on site for BCA’s audit.

[Added on 23 April 2021]
As of 5 Apr 2021, where MOM had announced that more employees could return to general workplaces and split team is not mandatory, do these requirements apply to construction worksites?

For Construction Projects and Supply Works, the COVID-safe worksite requirements, including segregated teams and safe distancing measures under https://go.gov.sg/bca-restart-criteria would continue to apply.

[Added on 23 April 2021]
Can I organise seminars/conferences/corporate events in the construction site premise (inclusive of site office)?

All communications are still advised to be done through video/conference calls or any other electronic means where possible. Where work-related events such as seminars/conferences/corporate events need to be held in the site premises (inclusive of site office), they must adhere to MOM’s prevailing workplace Safe Management Measures and requirements for work-related events, found on MOM’s website: https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/requirements-for-safe-management-measures

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