Updated on 23 April 2021

[Updated on 23 April 2021]
I had earlier obtained MTI’s approval to perform essential services during the Circuit Breaker period. Do I need to apply to BCA to continue these works from 2 June 2020 (inclusive) onwards?

BCA permits all companies which employ foreign workers registered under the Construction Account with MOM, and which have not yet been approved as of 10 Aug 2020, to resume work (refer to circular here). From 10 Aug 2020, companies previously approved by MTI during the Circuit Breaker to carry out essential services such as Facilities Management (such as vector control) and Lift and Escalator Maintenance do not need to make any further submission to BCA to deploy their construction work pass and S pass holders. However, if their works take place within construction sites or building elements supply work premises, the companies would still need to submit an application to BCA if they have not already done so.

Companies carrying out site activities as indicated in Annex A of BCA’s Advisory dated 2 May 2020 (http://www.go.gov.sg/bca-advisory-construction-industry), e.g. Qualified Persons (QPs) and any personnel maintaining site safety, instrumentation and monitoring, are to be included in the Main Contractor’s application to restart. Sub-contractors of these construction projects do not need to apply separately.

Are there any subsidies to help defray the costs for firms to implement COVID-safe Restart Criteria?

The government is looking into this, and details on any additional subsidies or financial assistance will be announced in due course.

How will BCA be conducting checks to ensure that the firms are complying to COVID-safe Restart Criteria?

BCA will implement an Audit and Inspection (A&I) regime using technology solutions, as well as carry out audits and inspections, to conduct checks and to ensure compliance on site.

Penalties will be imposed on firms which have contravened the COVID-Safe restart criteria. In addition, these firms will be required to resubmit their rectification plans, where applicable, and implement these measures as part of the follow ups to the enforcement actions taken.

[Updated on 23 April 2021]
What happens if a project is found to have a worker infected with COVID-19 after works have resumed?

Builders should immediately suspend works on site, assist in contact tracing efforts and cooperate with MOH/MOM/BCA on public health actions as required. Thereafter, builder should also carry out thorough cleaning and disinfection on worksite.

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