Further Advisory to Employers with Work Permit & S Pass Holders in Construction Sector (Foreign Employees)

BCA and MOM have issued a joint advisory on 18 April 2020 to inform employers and all Foreign Employees in the construction sector holding work permits or S passes (and their dependants where applicable) are put on Stay-Home Notice (SHN) from 20 April 2020 to 4 May 2020. Please see details here.

Update: After careful consideration, the BCA and MOM have decided to extend the SHN for all work permit holders and S Pass holders in the Construction sector. They will now serve their SHN until 18 May 2020, 2359 hours. The advisory issued on 18 April 2020 to employers on their obligations for their affected workers will continue to apply. Please see details here.

Specific Reminders to Employers

Employers are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that your Foreign Employees (and their dependants where applicable) comply strictly with the terms of the SHN. Such Foreign Employees and their dependants will also have to comply with the additional work pass conditions and additional special conditions respectively, as detailed under the notifications to employers on SHN.

In particular, please complete the following steps immediately:-

  1. Ensure that your Foreign Employees and their dependants (if any) update their addresses and mobile numbers registered with MOM. Please do the update here.
  2. Submit a daily declaration on compliance to the measures listed in the advisory. Please do the daily declaration here.
  3. Inform your Foreign Employees and their dependants on the additional work pass conditions and additional special conditions respectively.

Specific Reminders to Foreign Employees

  1. Report your location to MOM twice per day, within the next 1 hour upon receipt of MOM’s SMS. The location services on your phone must be turned on. Please see details here.
  2. Report your temperature to MOM daily. Please do it here.
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  3. You may be contacted by MOM via WhatsApp audio and/or video call. Please ensure that you download the WhatsApp and TraceTogether App on your mobile phone.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read through the advisory and its appendices in detail. MOM will take strict enforcement measures against errant employers or employees who do not comply with the SHN requirements, including the suspension of work pass privileges and revocation of work passes.

For enquiries, please contact BCA here.

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