BCA news release: BCA lifts closure order on Megazip ride

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

- Ride is allowed to resume operations from 16 May 2012

Singapore, 16 May 2012 - The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has lifted the closure order on the Megazip ride, an Adventure Zipline at Sentosa operated by Flying Dragon Adventure Pte Ltd, on 16 May 2012. Last year, following an incident on 11 Sep 2011 where a patron was injured and hospitalised, BCA had closed the ride for investigations.

Following BCA's investigations and assessment, BCA issued a Written Direction to the ride operator on 2 Dec 2011 to modify the ride to enhance patrons' safety. Some of the key modifications that were put in place by the ride operator included:

(a) Two additional "admin lines" installed at Lane 1 and 3 such that each zip line will have a dedicated line for individual braking systems to be installed for each zip line, independent of each other (in the previous set up, all 3 zip lines shared a common system to stop trolleys zipping down with patrons).

(b) A new primary braking system, to stop the trolley as it reaches the end of the zip line.

(c) A secondary braking system to serve as an additional level of protection (and redundancy) should the primary braking system ever fails. In other words, it will take over the stopping of the trolley if the primary braking system fails to stop the trolley.

(d) Enhancing the SOPs for despatching ride patrons, maintenance and supervision.

. CCTVs have been installed to monitor operations at the despatching and receiving stations. This allows the operations to be supervised at the office by the ride managers. 
. Walkie-talkies have been introduced to improve communications between dispatch and receiving attendants. 
. LED lights that would automatically activate once the brakes had been reset after receiving a patron, and manual confirmation flag signals at the receiving station - to indicate to the attendants on the despatching station that the receiving station is ready to receive the next patron. This prevents the despatch of patron when the receiving station is not ready to receive him.
. Enhanced maintenance of rotating brakes mechanism inside the trolley. These rotating brakes (or centrifugal brakes) serve to reduce the speed of the patron as he zips down the line.

Upon completion of the proposed modifications, BCA allowed the operator to carry out tests to verify the effectiveness of the modifications. Based on the results of these tests, the Commissioner of Amusement Rides Safety is of the opinion that the remedial measures carried out by the operator are satisfactory. Hence, the Notice to allow Megazip to resume operations has been issued.

To ensure continued vigilance on the safe running of the ride, the operator will need to monitor the effectiveness of the new measures. The operator will be required to submit operational and maintenance reports to BCA.

Portable document format version of the media release is also available (75KB .pdf).

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