BCA news release: BCA's latest initiatives to help improve construction productivity

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

- Facilitating precast concrete production the modern way
- BCA to pay more attention on helping construction SMEs in improving productivity

Singapore, 16 May 2012 - A new era of revolutionising the production of precast concrete components for buildings has started in Singapore. Tiong Seng Holdings, which initiated this transformation, launched the first integrated construction and prefab hub (ICPH) at Tuas today. Such a prefab hub houses an automated production of precast components and its related construction activities within a multi-storey complex. BCA has supported the Tiong Seng's initiative to build this prefab hub with a million dollar funding under the $250 million Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF).

Launch of first tender for land parcel to develop more prefab hubs

Following the success of Tiong Seng's initiative, BCA is facilitating more prefab hubs to be built and has launched the first tender for a 20,000 m2 land parcel at Kaki Bukit Road, for the development of other Integrated Construction and Prefabrication Hubs (ICPHs). The land parcel comes with a lease term of 30 years and the tender is open to all precasters, contractors and precaster-contractor Joint Ventures (JV). (See Annex A (254KB .pdf) )

Through the development of multi-storey ICPHs, land use is optimised and higher productivity is achieved through automated production processes, which will change the landscape of the precast and prefabrication industry in Singapore. The development of these multi-storey ICPHs is one of the initiatives outlined in BCA's Construction Productivity Roadmap. (See Annex B (184KB .pdf) ).

Update on Take-up of Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF)

Prior to the launch of the roadmap in March 2011, BCA introduced the Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF) in June 2010 to help construction firms to improve productivity and build capability. After a year, the funding scheme was enhanced in March 2011 to extend the support to cover more stakeholders in the industry, expand the scope of funding and raise the funding support levels. So far, more than $46m of the CPCF has been committed, benefitting more than 1,300 companies, of which two-thirds or 850 are smaller firms. BCA will be paying more attention to help the smaller firms as they form a large base of contractors in Singapore. These smaller firms employ the majority of the workforce, but they may not have the financial resources and technological know-how to embark on the productivity journey on their own. (See Annex C (776KB .pdf) )

Prof Jim Meikle, International Panel Expert (IPE) on Construction Productivity and Prefab Technology from The UK said, "The progress report on improving the take-up of the CPCF is impressive; much has been done on a number of fronts. Regular monitoring and evaluation will be important to see what works best with which firms and what initiatives are less successful. The industry can improve through sharing of experiences and the best results will usually come from direct contact between individual firms and their industry bodies, which BCA could facilitate this."

Prof Jan N.J.A. Vambersky, (IPE), from The Netherlands added," The initiatives introduced by BCA, for example, the suite of manpower development programmes to help attract and retain talents in the industry, are commendable. The Buildable Design Score and Constructability Score are also excellent measures in improving site productivity. I must also say that the steps taken with regard to site supervision are perfect. Many countries, including The Netherlands, can learn a lot from Singapore."

Certified Construction Productivity Professional (CCPP)

To build up competent professionals to lead their companies' productivity movement, BCA has also developed a new scheme to train and certify construction productivity professionals. It aims to equip these professionals with the knowledge and skills to plan, coordinate and implement initiatives and measures to continually improve the productivity of construction projects. A project that deploys a Certified Construction Productivity Professional (CCPP) will get bonus points in the Constructability Score framework, which was introduced last July to steer builders to adopt more labour efficient construction methods. (See Annex D (18KB .pdf) )

Dr John Keung, CEO of BCA said, "BCA is set on helping SMEs and sub contractors get started on and sustain this productivity drive, as there is no turning back to the old ways of doing construction. Our Construction Productivity Centre was established specifically for this purpose - to see the firms through their productivity journey, from account servicing, consultation visits to firms, one-to-one sessions at the Construction Productivity Clinics, sharing through Build Smart - a focussed magazine on construction productivity, learning journeys, training programmes, etc. We are reaching out to construction firms, both big and small, on all fronts. So, it is now time for companies to take charge and come on board with us through this productivity journey!"


Annex A - the First Land Parcel for the Development of Integrated Construction and Precast Hub (254KB .pdf)

Annex B - Overview on Construction Productivity Roadmap (184KB .pdf)

Annex C - BCA's Construction Productivity Centre and $250 million Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (776KB .pdf)

Annex D - BCA Certified Construction Productivity Professional Scheme (18KB .pdf)

Portable document format version of the media release is also available (1.2MB .pdf).

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