BCA brings Universal Design* closer to Singaporeans

Friday, 26 April 2013

- YooDee Town, BCA's first Universal Design Exhibition, held at Marina Square, immerses visitors in experiencing Universal Design - "Design for Everyone"
- Social campaign "Unify to UDify" promotes the importance of Universal Design to Singaporeans through social media, roadshows and advertisements, encouraging them to pledge their support

Singapore, 26 April 2013 - The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) today began its extensive efforts to promote the concept of Universal Design in Singapore's built environment among the public and the industry. Through outreach efforts such as an exhibition and a campaign, BCA's objective is to bring Universal Design closer to Singaporeans, leading to a better appreciation of what an inclusive built environment means.

The Exhibition: YooDee Town - The Universe of Universal Design

BCA's first public exhibition on Universal Design is being held at Marina Square from 26 to 28 April 2013. YooDee Town - The Universe of Universal Design gives visitors a first-hand experience of spaces, both public and residential, that are friendly for people of all ages and abilities.

Through the exhibition, visitors will experience how their homes, parks, toilets, and lifts, among others, are friendly for the young and old, families with infants, and people with different abilities as well as needs. There will be fun and interactive activities for children to learn more about Universal Design.

For the adults, they can find out more about how simple features such as the shape of the door handles and rocker switches can make a difference in making their homes more accessible and friendlier. For those with family members who are wheelchair-bound, the exhibition will show the importance of space, handrails and grab bars in the toilet and kitchen in making a difference in their daily routines.

There will also be displays of Universal Design features in the parks, shopping complexes, carparks and lifts to make accessibility easier and for the convenience of families with infants. Over the next two years, YooDee Town will bring the message "Universal Design is for everyone" to different towns and estates across the island; the next exhibition will be held in July 2013.

A call to action: The "Unify to UDify" pledge

Supporting the YooDee Exhibition, BCA's social campaign "Unify to UDify" will use publicity outlets such as advertisements, social media, roadshows and educational programmes to promote Universal Design awareness among Singaporeans.

The objective of the campaign is to encourage Singaporeans to pledge their support for Universal Design through the various outlets and create a demand for the industry to consider Universal Design in our public spaces, buildings and homes.

For a start, BCA has set up a Universal Design page on Facebook (www.fb.com/UnifyToUDify) in March 2013. The page shares ideas about a friendlier and more inclusive built environment. Visitors will find out more about public spaces with Universal Design features in Singapore and are encouraged to pledge their support via a Facebook application.

BCA's Universal Design message: Building a City for All Ages

BCA's Chief Executive Officer Dr. John Keung said: "Buildings and public spaces are important elements of an inclusive and friendly built environment, BCA aims to bring Universal Design closer to everyone - home-dwellers and our industry professionals and practitioners. It drives our nation's efforts in building a City for All Ages and encourages the development of a friendly and inclusive living environment for people of all ages and with different needs."

BCA is also doing a month-long public consultation on the proposed changes to the revised Code on Accessibility. The revised Code will place greater emphasis on Universal Design concepts and requirements that will benefit more Singaporeans. The public consultation will close at the end of this month. It is expected to be ready for implementation in the first quarter of next year, with a grace period of at least six months given to industry practitioners.

The Acting Minister for Manpower and the Senior Minister of State for National Development Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin officially opened BCA's first YooDee exhibition on 26 April 2013 at Marina Square.

* Universal Design (UD) means "design for all". UD helps to make our built environment a more inclusive one. UD enables everyone - the young, the old and persons with different abilities - to enjoy inclusive living in familiar surroundings with their loved ones.


Annex A: YooDee Town - The Universe of Universal Design (225KB .pdf)

Annex B: (53KB .pdf)

Portable document format version of the media release is also available (224KB .pdf).



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