Six quality leaders conferred new award for consistently delivering quality homes

Thursday, 16 May 2013

-Construction industry celebrates 25 years of quality excellence 
-Strong call for the built environment sector to embrace productivity when pursuing high quality

Singapore, 16 May 2013 - Six developers and builders received the inaugural Quality Excellence Award at the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Awards ceremony today. Among the winners, City Developments Limited (CDL), Woh Hup (Private) Limited and Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd were given the top Quality Champion (Platinum) accolade.

The Quality Excellence Award recognises leading progressive developers and builders who have embraced quality workmanship through the BCA Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) and Quality Mark (QM) Scheme, and delivered high quality projects consistently.

With over 5,300 private residential units committed under QM and an average CONQUAS score of 93.3 for its projects in the past five years, CDL is the only developer out of the three winning developers to be conferred the Quality Champion (Platinum) title. Builders Dragages and Woh Hup also attained the platinum award for committing more residential units under QM and consistently achieving higher QM and CONQUAS scores.

"As Singapore's property pioneer, CDL has long been committed to building quality. For over a decade, we have harnessed state-of-the-art technology and introduced innovative construction methodology for quality excellence at our developments. For continual improvement, we work closely with our builders to achieve stringent building quality targets for each development and have also implemented a benchmarking scheme for our projects against industry standards," said Mr Kwek Leng Joo, Managing Director, City Developments Limited.

As part of its key quality initiatives, CDL has been adopting buildable design and productive construction methods at its residential developments. These include using Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU) and drywall to achieve better quality standards and product consistency. While PBU improves water tightness and the overall workmanship quality of bathrooms by enabling rigorous checks and testing under a controlled factory environment prior to its installation, drywalls have a superior quality finish and acoustic performance compared to traditional brick walls.

Similarly, local builder Woh Hup ensures high quality standards through the use of system formwork and precast for structural works as well as PBU and drywall partitions for architectural works. While these construction methods require less manpower, they also result in better quality control, fewer mistakes and less downtime needed for rectification works.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr Neil Yong, Director of Woh Hup (Private) Limited said: "I am very pleased and honoured to receive this award as it is a testimony of our commitment to deliver quality homes. We have dedicated much time, effort and resources to deliver high quality, well finished homes to the clients and eventual home owners. We employ a rigorous quality management system, aiming to eliminate defects to ensure each home owner of a Woh Hup building project is a satisfied customer. We will continue to work hard and strive to consistently deliver not only on quality but also on all other commitments made in hope of creating a brand name that Woh Hup is a world class, premium contractor."

Since the CONQUAS was launched 25 years ago, the quality of buildings has improved steadily with industry average CONQUAS scores rising significantly from 67.9 points in 1989 to 86.1 points in 2012. This is partly due to higher quality internal finishes as well as more water-tight windows and bathrooms in newer buildings.

Although the CONQUAS and QM are voluntary schemes, their take-up rates have also risen over the years. More than 3,250 new construction projects have been assessed using CONQUAS to date, with 95% of private residential and commercial buildings in Singapore subscribing to it. There is also strong buy-in for the QM, with over 260 projects or 60,000 private residential units being committed to or assessed under QM currently.

This is fuelled by higher public expectations for building quality and a stronger focus on delivering quality in the industry. As these schemes provide enhanced assurance of workmanship quality to home buyers, they also boost the marketability of new projects. For instance, private residential projects committed or certified under QM generally experience 40% less defects per unit compared to non-QM projects.

"From the business perspective, pursuing high quality can be a key differentiator when meeting heightened customer expectations and improving corporate reputation. However, it is important for firms in the built environment sector to drive quality in the most efficient and effective manner through upstream planning and greater integration in the value chain. As the Quality Excellence Award winners have shown, quality excellence and productivity can go hand-in-hand as productive technologies offer not only speedier construction with fewer workers, but also quality finishes with better control and precision," said Dr John Keung, CEO of BCA.

More than 2,200 guests attended the BCA Awards ceremony where close to 300 awards were given for construction excellence, design and engineering safety, universal design, construction productivity and green buildings.

About BCA

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore champions the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore. BCA's mission is to shape a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment, as these are four key elements where BCA has a significant influence. In doing so, it aims to differentiate Singapore's built environment from those of other cities and contribute to a better quality of life for everyone in Singapore. Hence, its vision is to have "the best built environment for Singapore, our distinctive global city". Together with its education arm, the BCA Academy of the Built Environment, BCA works closely with its industry partners to develop skills and expertise that help shape the best built environment for Singapore. For more information, visit www.bca.gov.sg.


The Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS®) was introduced in Singapore in 1989 and serves as a standard assessment system on the quality of building projects. It assesses structural works, architectural and mechanical & electrical works. CONQUAS® is widely recognised as the de facto yardstick for quality in Singapore and also accepted internationally as a benchmarking tool for quality. Countries such as Hong Kong and Malaysia have adapted CONQUAS ® to their construction industry. CONQUAS ® is now a registered trademark in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong SAR, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Thailand and India.

About BCA's Quality Mark for Good Workmanship Scheme

The BCA Quality Mark for Good Workmanship was launched on 1 July 2002 to help developers meet the rising expectations of homeowners for better quality homes. The Scheme encourages developers to consistently deliver quality homes. Under the Scheme, BCA will assess every unit of newly completed residential project. A typical unit undergoes about 480 checks during the assessment on the internal finishing and all bathrooms in each unit are also subjected to a water-tightness test to ensure zero leakage. The Quality Mark for Good Workmanship will be issued to each individual unit that achieves the stipulated quality workmanship standard (a minimum CONQUAS ® score for internal finishes) set by BCA. The Quality Mark certifies the condition of the unit at the time of inspection and only units that have achieved the standard will be issued the Quality Mark certificate.


BCA Quality Mark for Good Workmanship (65KB .pdf)

Quality Excellence Award 2013 (40KB .pdf)

Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS®) (28KB .pdf)

Portable document format version of the media release is also available (171KB .pdf).

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