Pushing Green Frontiers in Southeast Asia: The BCA Centre for Sustainable Buildings collaborates with the Global Buildings Performance Network

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Singapore, 7 May 2014 - The BCA Centre for Sustainable Buildings (BCA CSB) and the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), reinforcing their commitment towards deep energy savings and reductions of carbon dioxide emissions from buildings. The MOU will define the framework for partnership projects to identify, validate and share policy and technology best-practices for minimising the energy demand of buildings in hot and humid climates. The partnership will bring together BCA CSB's regional network and understanding of local and regional policies and GBPN's expertise in performance data tools and analysis to develop benchmarking tools and support projects for energy efficiency in the building sector in Asia.

The Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) provides policy expertise and technical assistance to advance building energy performance and realise sustainable built environments for all. The GBPN is a globally organized and regionally focused non-profit organisation.

"Asian countries are experiencing rapid urbanization and with it an increased demand for comfortable, affordable and low-carbon buildings. With more than 70% of the required building stock in 2050 in emerging economies including those in S.E. Asia yet to be built, there are significant opportunities to meet these demands sustainably, and reduce pressure on the global climate. Building energy policies are fundamental to ensuring international best-practices can be part of mainstream building practice in this region. This MOU brings together GBPN's international expertise in policy best-practices, benchmarking and performance assessment and BCA CSB's regional expertise and capacity building experience. Together we will support efforts by countries to implement building performance policies that achieve development goals while tackling climate change. This new partnership will strengthen GBPN's Asian programs and complement our strong EU and US programs. We are very happy that BCA CSB will now be playing a central role in our global network." said Dr Peter Graham, Executive Director of GBPN.

BCA CSB was formed in 2011 as a joint initiative between UNEP and the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA), to develop and deliver policy advice and outreach assistance to countries for sustainable development in the building sector. The Centre will build on its current and past projects in Southeast Asia and engage its regional network to inform project activities under this collaboration.

"This MOU marks a significant phase in Asia's expanding green building movement, towards quantifiable building energy performance and benchmarking studies to support policy development. Reducing buildings' energy consumption is important, given that buildings account for 40% of the world's total final energy consumption. BCA CSB is pleased to embark on this journey with GBPN to drive sustainable energy use in the building sector in Asia through joint initiatives and projects. With BCA's expertise in green buildings, BCA will support the BCA CSB to serve as a regional platform for knowledge sharing and capacity building for growing economies to balance their resource needs with climate mitigation activities. We hope that this collaboration creates a ripple effect to engage more countries in climate mitigation work." said Dr John Keung, Chairman of BCA CSB.

The collaboration encompasses potential activities to maximise energy efficiency of individual buildings, groups of buildings, city scale projects, and other initiatives on greening of buildings and the construction supply chain. The objectives of the partnership will be to accelerate these improvements in South and Southeast Asia by exchanging expertise and best-practices and adapt experiences from other parts of the world in the development of benchmarking tools and policies in this region.


Portable document format version of the media release is also available (66KB .pdf).

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