Boost for Eight Home-Grown Innovators to Accelerate the Development of Solutions for Construction Industry Transformation

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

- Under the Built Environment Accelerate-to-Market Programme, they will receive support to develop innovative solutions with industry partners and the more market-ready ones will be tested at sites

- Their 11 solutions, which include remote monitoring of construction progress, automation of inspections and 3D printing of bespoke building components, were chosen for their potential to transform firms and work processes in the built environment

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) announced today that eight promising, home-grown innovators have been selected under the third cycle of the Built Environment Accelerate-to-Market Programme (BEAMP). The innovators will develop 11 innovative solutions with their industry partners to overcome common industry challenges, improve productivity and transform the built environment.

Introduced in February 2019, BEAMP is BCA, JTC Corporation (JTC) and Enterprise Singapore’s (ESG) effort to develop and support promising innovators as they bring their expertise, technology and solutions to the built environment. Padang & Co is the appointed accelerator* partner for the third cycle.

* Accelerators are companies / programmes that support the growth of start-ups and early stage companies. For more information about BEAMP, refer to Annex A.

Through the Programme, these eight innovators:

  1. Will work closely with an industry partner to develop a new solution or test an existing solution that addresses challenges faced by the industry. Based on their expertise, they can develop a prototype or new technology as part of BEAMP’s Accelerate Solution Development phase, or refine an existing solution or technology so that it can be tested at an actual site with the goal of eventual manufacturing and commercialisation during BEAMP’s Market Development phase. This can help them to better understand the industry’s needs, think of ways to expand their product offerings, and raise their reputation in the sector;
  2. Will receive funds for the development of their solutions – of up to 70 percent of qualifying development cost**, and
  3. Will be able to expand their network of investors and industry firms, which may become their potential customers and/or partners.

** Under the Accelerate Solution Development phase, funding support is capped at S$30,000; under the Market Development phase, funding support is capped at S$250,000.

(Details of each innovator for BEAMP third cycle are at Annex B while two successful innovators from previous BEAMP cycles are shown in Annex C.)

Industry firms participating in BEAMP can work alongside their chosen innovator to develop solutions that address their specific challenges, improve productivity and generate new areas of transformative growth.

In the third cycle of BEAMP, 23 industry firms posed their challenges faced and innovators were invited to propose solutions. 66 proposals were then submitted and shortlisted innovators worked with their respective industry firms to further finetune their solutions, with advice from the agencies. An evaluation panel awarded the final 11 projects based on their innovativeness, technical merits and market potential. The 11 innovations centred around the themes of advanced design and fabrication, automation and robotics, building inspection, maintenance and facility management, digital asset delivery and management. 

Commenting about the new entrants to the Programme, BCA Chief Executive Officer Mr Kelvin Wong said: “BEAMP will continue to be a strategic part of BCA’s efforts to engage and invigorate the built environment by supporting promising innovators whose technologies further strengthen the capabilities of our industry firms. We are excited about the eight innovators participating in the third cycle of BEAMP and how they will employ their expertise and solutions for the benefit of Singapore’s built environment. They have taken on the industry’s challenges with solutions that can overcome them and improve firms’ productivity. We hope that this will encourage more innovators to step forward by bringing their strengths – expertise and technology – to Singapore’s built environment and contribute to its transformation.”

Enterprise Singapore’s Geoffrey Yeo, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Urban Solutions and Infrastructure Services, said: “Technology can be a key enabler to transform the construction industry to be smarter, cleaner and more productive. As the demand for sustainable solutions grow, companies that can develop cost-effective and commercially-relevant solutions will be able to seize opportunities in this emerging space. Enterprise Singapore will continue to work with industry stakeholders and innovation ecosystem partners to drive the development and adoption of market-ready technology solutions for the built environment sector.”

JTC’s Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Mr Heah Soon Poh shared how the BEAMP is another opportunity for JTC to work with innovators in pushing forth transformation in the built environment industry “JTC is looking forward to partnering our innovators in co-creating solutions – providing guidance and our facilities for pilots and testbeds. Our innovators have brought their creativity and skills to the table and we hope to support them through our platforms for them to trial their innovations. Throughout the process, we will work jointly with them to review and improve their solutions.  Ultimately, we want a product that is not only marketable but also enables the Built Environment sector to build and operate sustainably in the long run.”

Innovators will have the opportunity to present their successful solutions to other industry firms and investors at the Built Environment Demo Day on 10 September 2021, as part of the annual International Built Environment Week. Innovators who are interested to find out more about BEAMP and participate in future cycles can visit www.beamp.sg.

Annex A: About the Built Environment Accelerate-to-Market Programme
Annex B: Innovators under BEAMP Cycle 3
Annex C: Two successes from BEAMP

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