Assessment Process, Fees and Application

Assessment Process

1.   Application

  • Submittal of application form with relevant supporting documents for certification upon finalization of development design
  • Upon acceptance of application and fee payable, a UD Mark Assessor will be assigned for the duration of the project

2.   Assessment

  • Actual assessment to be conducted once design and documentary evidences are ready
  • Assessment process includes design and documentary reviews to verify if the submitted project meets the intents of the criteria and certification level
  • Letter of award showing the BCA UD Mark rating (up to GoldPLUS) will be issued at this stage

3.   Verification

  • Site verification by BCA assessors to be conducted upon project completion
  • Panel assessment for projects targeting Platinum rating (only for projects with at least GoldPLUS rating after site verification by BCA assessors)
  • A certificate and display plaque will be issued at this stage

Assessment Fees

For Built Environment Projects

 Development Size  Assessment Fee with GST
< 50,000 m2   $321
 50,000 m2  to 100,000 m2   $535
 > 100,000  m2   $1,070

Please note that for building development, the fees will be calculated based on GFA; and for Parks and Public Spaces, the fees will be calculated based on site area.

For Family-friendly Business

Application  Assessment Fee with GST
Introductory fee  $1,070
1st application  $2,140
 Re-certification  $1,926

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