2 Stage Innovation Grant

The 2-Stage Innovation Grant (iGrant) is set up to encourage and support the building and construction industry to conduct fast track, Proof-of-Concept (POC) type of R&D projects for subsequent quick deployment in a fast moving Built Environment.

This $5 million grant is funded by Ministry of National Development (MND).

Focus areas

The five key focus areas of iGrant are:

Focus Area


Advanced Construction

  • Adopt innovative construction technologies
  • Re-engineer work processes and advanced materials

Integrated Digital Delivery

  • Digital design
  • Digital manufacturing & fabrication Digital construction
  • Digital asset delivery & management


  • Safety of lift and amusement ride mechanisms
  • Construction and building safety
  • Coastal protection


  • Smart sensing technologies and building systems
  • Material analytics


  • Improve reliability and availability of systems and equipment
  • Adopt smart inspection provisions / technologies

How it works

iGrant allows the submission of proposals via a 2-stage process:





Stage 1: Proof-of-Concept Study

  • Submit application for POC study on proposed innovation
  • Upon approval, conduct POC study of proposed innovation
  • Submit POC report
  • Upon approval of POC report, proceed to Stage 2

The start of POC study to submission of POC study report: within 3 months

MND co-funds up to 70% of the qualifying costs or $20,000, whichever is lower

Stage 2: Project Implementation

  • Project implementation
  • Upon completion, submit a full final report including implementation with full spectrum of R&D application

Start of Stage 2 to submission of final project report: within 2 years

MND co-funds up to 70% of the qualifying costs or $250,000, whichever is lower

The following can be funded:

  • Manpower-related costs
  • Equipment, materials and software costs
  • Professional services (e.g. consultancy, testing)
  • Intellectual Property Rights (case-by-case basis)
  • Other project related costs
2 stage innovation grant

Who is eligible

The company must be registered and based in Singapore. The applicants must provide evidence that they have the financial capacity to complete the project.

The projects:

  • Need to be carried out in Singapore
  • Must not have obtained similar funding from BCA or other public agencies
  • Must not have commenced at the time of application

Evaluation criteria

Projects should be more downstream and nearer to market adoption as compared to applied research projects funded by grant calls. These projects if successfully implemented will encourage wider adoption of innovative technologies.

The project evaluation criteria is based on the following:

  • Innovative new design tools, methods and technologies
  • Competency and track record of applicant and project team
  • Potential for replication, to scale and commercialisation
  • Improve BCA’s strategic focus areas of Advanced Construction, Integrated Digital Delivery, Safety, Quality and Maintainability.

How to apply

Application stages



Check that you have met all the criteria.

For more information, please contact: 
Tel: 1800-342-5222
Submit an online enquiry 

Application of Stage 1: Proof-of-Concept Study

Mail the completed application form together with the supporting documents to: 

BuildSG Transformation Fund Department
Building and Construction Authority
52 Jurong Gateway Road #09-02
Singapore 608550

Commencement of Stage 1

  1. You will receive a Letter of Offer (Stage 1) once your application is approved
  2. Sign to accept the terms and conditions of the award
  3. Submit the Letter of Offer to BCA within the stipulated date
  4. BCA will assess the POC study report to ensure the deliverables are met and if the project is eligible for funding under Stage 2 Project Implementation

Application of Stage 2

Submit Project Implementation with the POC study report to BCA

Commencement of Stage 2: Project Implementation

  1. You will receive a Letter of Offer (Stage 2) once your application is approved
  2. Sign to accept the terms and conditions of the award
  3. Submit the Letter of Offer to BCA within the stipulated date
  4. During the Project Implementation period, ensure that:
    • Proper project records are maintained; e.g. project timeline, deliverables, and progress reports
    • Proper financial records are maintained; e.g. invoices and receipts relating to the project

Completion of Stage 2: Project Implementation

BCA will assess the final project report to ensure the deliverables are met

iGrant FAQ 22.06kb

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