Built Environment Robotics R&D Programme

The Built Environment Robotics R&D programme, led by BCA and the National Robotics Programme (NRP), focuses on research, development and deployment of innovative robotics. 

Focus areas 

The three focus areas of the Built Environment Robotics R&D programme are:


Research area


1. Manufacturing

  • Advance the degree of automation in Design for Manfacturing and Assembly (DfMA) factories andIntegrated Construction Prefabrication Hubs (ICPH)
  • Expand capabilities to meet future needs

Mobile robots that carry out finishing works like tiling, painting and installation of architectural components within Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU) and Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) module faster and more accurately

2. Assembly

  • Improve on-site productivity through automation and robotics
  • Robots that are able to transport materials efficiently and accurately, as well as assemble prefabricated components on-site
  • Automation of site monitoring and investigation tasks in large scale infrastructure projects
  • Integrate robotics into assembly techniques and methods for structural, finishing and mechanical and electrical systems for different building types

3. Smart and sustainable assets


  • Smart solutions for facilities operation and management
  • Address problems that come with older buildings, which includes civil engineering works
  • Support DfMA and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) efforts
  • Robots with advanced inspection capabilities
  • Robots integrated with non-destructive testing instruments

Completed / current funded projects and their research outcomes 

1. Robotics for Construction 4.0 [completed]
- Solutions to enhance automation of PPVC construction processes from factory production to on-site installation.

  • Cyber-physical system for PPVC production and assembly
  • Robot assisted supervision and monitoring of construction progress
  • High-mobility robot for general construction tasks
  • Robotic assembly of prefabricated components on-site

2. Automated Lane Closure and Re-Opening System [completed]
- Remotely operated traffic warning signs and cones placement and retrieval system

3. Site monitoring robot [completed]
- A mobile platform integrated with survey tools for autonomous reading, recording and analysis of geotechnical instrumentation data

4. Smart Inspection Robots [on-going]
- Robotic solutions capable of travelling over construction site environment, equipped with inspection tools and able to integrate BIM data into its inspection processes and construction progress monitoring

5. System for remotely operated excavators [on-going]
- Remotely operated excavators via operation command centre

Grant Calls 

The 1st and 2nd open grant calls under the BE Robotics R&D programme are closed.  


For further enquiries, please contact BCA_ROBOTICS@bca.gov.sg.

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