BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP)

Digital solutions can help the industry meet the three COVID-Safe Restart Criteria: i) safe workforce, ii) safe worksite and iii) safe accommodation/transport more effectively.

To this effect, BCA has developed the BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP) which provides a central database that receives data from commercially available solutions and hardware devices deployed on site.

The CSP will be able to provide the industry a data driven approach for implementing the COVID-Safe Restart Criteria. 

Possible applications

1. For worksite access control - by checking workers approved for work at entry

  • Facial Biometric Recognition - Match individual record to list of approved workers
  • Thermal Scanner - Check individual temperature before entry 

2. For remote monitoring of workers - to ensure proper implementation of safe distancing measures and segregation of workers

  • AI Camera – Area level of check for safe distancing and distinguish different cohorts of workers through identifying colour vests/arm bands
  • Bluetooth wearables – Personnel level of check for safe distancing and worker cohorting

3. For data-driven audit and inspection 

  • Data Dashboard - Alert firms of any non-compliance of safe management measures
  • Mobile Inspection Apps & Online Documentation - On-site submission of reports and findings on the conducted inspection
  • Data analysis - Identify high risk areas, common non-compliance trends

Application for interested vendors

Interested technology vendors may submit an application here.

How to apply

Contractors who are interested may sign up for the BuildSG-COVIDSafe platform (CSP) with the following vendors:

- BES (SG) Technology
Capps Solutions
Intellect Engineering
- Intercorp Solutions
- Newgene Technologies
- Magicsoft Asia Systems

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