FAQs for MYE Refunds for Firms Scheme

From 1 April 2020

Q1. What are the specific documentary proof that contractors need to submit to show that work has been disrupted due to supply chain disruption?

For supply chain disruption scenario, firms should submit written justification to explain clearly how they account for all the affected workers declared in the application form.  Letters from suppliers / main-contractor confirming the supply chain disruption should also be submitted, if any. 

Q2.  Who can apply for the MYE refund?  Must it be main-contractors or the sub-contractors can apply for a refund directly?

Any construction firms, including both main contractors and sub-contractors, affected directly by the work disruption can submit the application.

Q3.  How can a sub-contractor draw down and use the refunded MYE?  Must they go through main-contractor? Is there an expiry date?

If application is approved, the refunded MYE will be converted to Prior Approvals (PA).   The firms will be given specific PA numbers which can be used to renew existing workers, or hire new workers on MYE. Firms have the flexibility to use the refunded MYE within 1 year from the date of approval.

Q4. Can a firm submit more than one application?

Firms should consolidate details of all affected workers, across multiple projects, and submit one application as far as possible.  If more than one application is needed, firms should ensure that the workers declared in past MYE applications are not re-used in the new application.  Firm action will be taken against firms who are found to abuse this scheme.

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