BCA Integrated Construction Quality Assurance (ICQA) Scheme

The Integrated Construction Quality Assurance (ICQA) schemeis an industry specific and outcome based scheme which emphasizes a firm's actual performance.  

Firms that are currently registered or intend to register under the Contractor Registration System (CRS) for public sector projects and wish to set higher standards for themselves could opt for ICQA in lieu of the generic ISO certification requirement. 

What is ICQA? 

ICQA provides a framework for builders to develop a system that helps them deliver high standard of workmanship quality and improve productivity for building works. The framework encourages firms to leverage the use of technology for construction work and focus on defect prevention. Firms applying for ICQA will be assessed  based on the following framework, criteria and score weightages:


ICQA criteria




1.1 Senior Leadership

1.2 Organisation Culture


2.1 Customer Needs

2.2 Customer Satisfaction


3.1 Corporate and Department Planning

3.2 Implementing Changes

4.Human Capital

4.1 Human Capital Management

4.2 Employee Learning and Development

4.3 Employee Performance Management


5.1 Information Management

5.2 Integrated Digital Delivery

5.3 Analysis of Knowledge


6.1 Project Management

6.2 Site Management

6.3 Quality Assurance and Control

6.4 Suppliers Management

6.5 Service Management


7.1 Cultivation of Innovation

7.2 Innovations


8.1 Customer Results

8.2 People Results

8.3 Process Results

8.4 Compliance Performance

8.5 Awards

Ranking of firm’s performance 

To help firms develop their performance holistically, firms need to achieve minimally 50% of the total marks in each ICQA category. Firms will be graded under a 3-tiered rating where they could benchmark against their peers, as follows:


Assessment method and effort

ICQA certificate is valid for three years with annual surveillance assessment. A renewal assessment is required at the end of the three-year cycle to maintain the certification.

Recognition of ICQA 

ICQA certification is an alternative registration requirement in Contractors Registration System (CRS) for CW01/CW02 Workhead A and B grade builders from 1stJuly 2019.

Who can apply?

All builders are eligible to apply for ICQA.

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