Window Maintenance

It is important to check and repair windows regularly to ensure they remain safe and secure. If a window falls due to lack of maintenance, owners can face a fine of up to $10,000 and/or jail term of up to one year or both.

Tip: Check your windows every year on 6 June (6/6) and 12 December (12/12).

Maintenance advice

Casement windows  
  1. Using a mirror, check that fasteners are not rusty or loose. Screws and rivets are located at the top and underside of the window panel.
  2. Clean and oil joints or moving parts.
  3. Change all rivets from aluminium to stainless steel by engaging an approved window contractor.
  4. Check PVC corner brackets (if used) of window frame for signs of deterioration (ie. discolouration, crack, chip off). Engage approved window contractor to replace with zinc-casted corner brackets or replace window.
Sliding windows  
  1. Check that safety stoppers and angle strips are in their proper places.
  2. Clean the tracks and ensure window panels can slide smoothly.
  3. Change worn-out safety stoppers and angle strips by engaging an approved window contractor.
Louvered windows  
  1. Check that glass panes are secure and they are not cracked or broken. Ensure that the level lock works properly.
  2. Clean and oil joints or moving parts.
  3. Change damaged parts or replace windows by engaging an approved window contractor.

Note: If you are not confident of checking your windows, you can engage an approved window contractor to help with the inspection.

Check out the window safety poster below:
Window safety poster

Find an Approved Window Contractor

Here is a list of Approved Window Contractors registered with BCA.

If you are staying in a HDB flat, you should refer to the HDB’s List of BCA Approved Window Contractors

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