Updated on 7 September 2021

What is CORENET?

Launched in November 2001, the Construction & Real Estate Network (or CORENET) is a Government to Business system that enables built environment professionals to make project-related electronic submissions to regulatory agencies for approval within a secured environment, from anywhere at any time.

CORENET introduced the first wave of technological adoption and use of technologies in Singapore's built environment. The transition from paper submission into electronic submission in the early 2000s had set a good foundation for our local industry as construction and modelling technologies advanced, along with the introduction of BIM in 2010. 

Why is there a need to develop CORENET X?

When CORENET was introduced in 2001, the system allows separate submissions to the various agencies for regulatory approval based on project progress. This supports expedience and is pro-business for the industry. Nonetheless, this is not without trade-offs. The practice of separate submissions based on project progress also meant that the plans are prepared and submitted at different stages of a project. Consequentially, the regulatory agencies would review the plans at different stages and convey their respective comments. Industry practitioners would have to address these comments and incorporate them into their design and re-submissions while ensuring that the changes will not affect what had been previously approved by the other agencies.

The advent of BIM and emerging technologies presents the opportunity for the current modus operandi of the regulatory approval process to transform, becoming more integrated and smarter.

CORENET X will change the current practice of requiring each consultant to deal separately with multiple agencies to one where the project team comes together to produce and submit a coordinated BIM model for respective agencies to extract information for compliance review. Agencies will review the submission collectively and provide a consolidated response to the project team. The integrated submission process will improve regulatory governance and synergy among agencies, providing a One-Stop Integrated Digital Shopfront experience.

How will CORENET X be different from existing CORENET? 

The current CORENET is an internet-based portal system for building professionals to make separate, individual electronic submissions to regulatory agencies for approval.

CORENET X will be a cloud-hosted platform that leverages BIM technologies to transform the current process, supporting and complementing projects that adopt the use of Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD).

CORENET X will facilitate and support new workflows that allow project teams to submit a coordinated BIM model to the authorities. The digital platform will help bring different regulatory agencies together to review the submission collectively and provide a consolidated response to the project team.

Key Transformation Shifts from CORENET today to CORENET X in the future

  CORENET today CORENET X in the future
Process  Individual consultants submit plans to various regulatory agencies separately. This may result in uncoordinated design and discrepancies. The project team collaborates upfront to de-conflict their designs, and submit one coordinated model to agencies in the openBIM format.
Agencies receive submissions at different points in the project and assess them independently, with different approval process and response times. This may result in conflicting comments that project parties would have to reconcile. All agencies review the submission collectively at the same time, and provide one coordinated response to the project team.
 Technology e-Submission platform serving mainly as a conduit for submissions from industry practitioners to regulatory agencies. The entire submission experience will be redesigned, improving user experience. Industry practitioners to preview and check the project's coordinated BIM model before submission.

Upon receiving the submission, Agencies will come together via the Collaboration Platform to review each project's coordinated BIM model collectively at the same time.
When will CORENET X be launched?

CORENET X is currently in its early development. It adopts an agile approach and is targeted to be rolled out from end 2023.

Which agencies are involved in the development of CORENET X?

The CORENET X initiative comprises the following key public agencies - BCA, URA, NParks, LTA, NEA, PUB, SCDF, SLA, HDB, JTC and GovTech. 

Is there training for CORENET X?

CORENET X training courses are expected to be launched in mid 2022. In the meantime, you may want to visit our webpages on upcoming CORENET X industry webinars and other resources.

Which regulatory submissions will be processed by CORENET X?

Regulatory BIM e-submissions submitted to BCA, URA, NParks, LTA, NEA, PUB and SCDF today will be processed by CORENET X.

What happens to amendment submissions in CORENET X?

CORENET X will leverage BIM technologies to handle BIM submission. Instead of industry preparing amendment plans to highlight the deviations, in CORENET X we will carry out model compare, i.e. to take the amended model to compare it with the previously approved one. 

This eliminates the current massive industry efforts in preparing amendment presentations in the BIM model. As CORENET X is currently in early development, requirements related to amendment submissions will be circulated to the industry via circulars and on this website when ready.

Must all QPs of the 3 disciplines (Architecture, Structural, M&E) submit multi-disciplinary coordinated BIM for all submissions in CORENET X?
  • QPs only need to make submissions if there are requirements at the respective Gateway related to their statutory responsibilities.
  • While it is possible that there are Gateway(s) that a QP does not have to make submissions, e.g. Structural / M&E Engineers in the Design Gateway, these QPs need to provide inputs to the Registered Architect so that the submission encompasses all aspects of planning.
  • Between Gateways 2 and 3, independent submissions for agency-specific technical details are allowed for submission by individual professionals to agencies.
  • To find out more about Gateways in CORENET X's Redesigned Processes, pls go to this link
Where can I find submission requirements for CORENET X?

CORENET X is currently in early development. CORENET X Submission Requirements and related templates will be circulated to the industry via circulars and on this website when ready.

What is the format of submission to CORENET X?

Each project team will jointly submit coordinated BIM models from the Architectural, Structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) disciplines, consisting of:


For any feedback or enquiries related to CORENET X, please complete the form here.


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