The CORENET X project was initiated in 2018 with the objective to leverage technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and automation, to transform the regulatory approval process for building works. CORENET X is conceived as the future ecosystem of regulatory approvals, redefining Government to Business interactions as a One Stop Integrated Digital Shopfront. It adopts the agile approach and is targeted to be rolled out from end 2023.

“X” signifies the quantum leap in both technology and work processes. It is a new operating model that emphasizes integration and better design.

CORENET X will shift the current practice of consultants dealing separately with multiple agencies (and at times) using different versions of plans, to one where consultants come together, collaborate upfront to harmonise their designs, and produce one coordinated BIM model.

CORENET X aims to promote greater collaboration and productive workflows for both the industry and public agencies, complementing ongoing efforts on Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), which is a key component of the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM).

Industry-Agency Co-Creation
More than 100 professionals from the public and private sectors embarked on a co-creation journey to redesign the envisaged future regulatory process for building works, kickstarting the development of CORENET X.


Redefined Processes
The transformation of current regulatory approval workflows from agency-centric to customer-centric, reducing the current over-20 approval stages across 7 agencies, into 3 key submission milestones.


Technological Enablers
Through an industry-facing portal, CORENET X will utilize technological enablers to bring about collaboration, automation and interoperability.
  • openBIM Format
  • Automated Model Checker
  • Collaboration Platform (for inter-agency collaboration)
    • BIM Viewer (for industry use)


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