Industry-Agency Co-Creation

CORENET X Service Journey

A Service Journey is a Whole-of-Government movement to redesign processes and services through a user-centric approach, in order to deliver services that are easy to use, seamless and relevant.

The current regulatory processes have been largely in place for decades. While we can make incremental changes to the processes to facilitate ongoing projects, we see the opportunity (and an increasing imperative) to do something more transformative. This is also in line with the push for Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) and the use of smarter digital tools to improve productivity while enhancing quality.

In late 2018, the agencies and industry first came together to map out the current service blueprint, understand the associated pain-points, gaps etc, before proceeding to the next stage. Facilitated by GovTech, we held a "Visioning Workshop" with senior leaders in the built environment industry to re-imagine and envision what regulatory processes can be like in the near future.

In this co-creation effort, about 60 firms were represented, involving more than 100 professionals from the public and private sectors, including the TAC presidents of REDAS, SIA, ACES, IES, SCAL and SISV.



What’s next after the CORENET X Service Journey?

We will adopt 3 strategies to progressively onboard our industry stakeholders onto CORENET X:

1. Awareness
  • Ensure industry is aware of the vision of CORENET X, its benefits and how it will impact them.
  • Keep the industry updated of the latest development, upcoming events and downloadable resources through our website.
  • From 10 Sep 2021 to 5 Nov 2021, we will be organising a series of introductory webinars on CORENET X. Click here to find out more on the scope and registration details.
2. Collaboration
  • Industry and Agencies to collaborate together to share ideas on how CORENET X can be refined and improved.
  • We recently kickstarted the CORENET X Industry Community of Practice (COPr), an initiative which brings together like-minded industry practitioners and provides a platform for focus group discussions on specific topics related to the development of CORENET X. Currently, there are 37 firms in the COPr, as it continues to expand.
  • We are also working closely with industry project teams on the pilot developments of our new BIM-enabled technologies.
3. Preparation
  • We have started a series of IFC webinars, jointly held with key BIM software developers. Pls find out more info and help resources from the webinars in our IFC webpage.
  • CORENET X trainings will be curated and targeted to be rolled out in mid-2022.



For any feedback or enquiries related to CORENET X, please complete the form here.


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