IFC-SG Resource Toolkit

IFC-SG Resource Toolkit

Welcome to the IFC-SG Resource Toolkit.

This resource toolkit comprises the recommended steps and materials to prepare an IFC-SG model for submission via CORENET X.

Step 1

Introduction to IFC-SG, key data structures and mapping

Step 2

Latest Industry Mapping Excel Files

The Industry Mapping excel file will help you to:
  • Better understand the IFC-SG requirements for different agencies
  • Map the IFC Key Data Structures for each building component
  • Understand other details of each building component, such as the associated agencies, disciplines, parameters


Further info on the Industry Mapping Excel

If IFC-SG dimension parameters such as "Length", "Breadth" match the native BIM objects' parameters, there is no need to manually add the dimension values in the project. These dimensions will be automatically filled in for the parameters via the IFC-SG configuration files provided in this IFC-SG Resource Toolkit.

The Column Description table below describes each column header in the Industry Mapping Excel and is colour coded for ease of reference. You may also refer to the Pivot tab in the excel file in which the IFC representations have been grouped by entities or components.

Column Header Name Description Remarks
A Agency Regulatory Agency
B Identified Component Regulatory Requirement Component (object) Component / Object mentioned in Regulatory Guidebooks / Code of Practice / Guidelines / Handbooks e.g. Accessible Route
C Identified Parameter Regulatory Requirement Parameter (object) Parameter / Attribute mentioned in Regulatory Guidebooks / Code of Practice / Guidelines / Handbooks that describes the feature / function of the component e.g. Fire Rating
D-G BIM Authoring Tool Representation Proposed BIM representation in respective authoring tool for reference. This is for reference and not a strict requirement.You may choose to model and override to export to the expected IFC output.
H IFC4 Entities IFC Entity [Key data structure (i)]
An Entity is an object defined in the IFC data model.
It can be used to define a physical element or a conceptual idea (eg. space)
I IFC Sub Types IFC Sub Type [Key data structure (ii)]
Provides next level of information to further describe the Entity. These sub-types are a combination of Predefined and User-Defined Types.
  • Sub Types without prefix (*) = Predefined Type
  • Sub Types with prefix (*) =User-Defined [Key data structure (iv)]
J Property Set Property set [Key data structure (iii)]
Set/Group of Properties that describes the function or feature of the Entity
  • Property set without prefix "SG" are buildingSMART predefined property sets e.g. Pset_WallCommon
  • Property set with prefix "SGPset" [Key data structure (v)] are local requirements. e.g. SGPset_Wall
K Property Name Property [Key data structure (iii)]for the Component
L Property Type IFC Data Type for the property e.g. Boolean = True/False, Label = Text
M Property Unit Indication if property value is of certain units e.g. mm
N IFC4 Material Set Indicate if object needs to include material User to note that Materials information to be input via the native parameter. Example of Wall material below:
P Sample Values for reference List of values to be entered for the parameter
Q Additional notes Notes for reference

After you have a better understanding of the agencies' requirements in IFC-SG, you may proceed to Step 3 to learn how to apply the IFC-SG information for each BIM authoring tool.

Step 3

Step-by-step resources on how to apply the requirements in the Industry Mapping Excel into your respective BIM software and how to export to IFC.

  1. These resources in Step 3 are optional templates created to help users embed and export IFC-SG regulatory data requirements as indicated in Step 2. Firms may use your own in-house templates instead, as long as your CORENET X submission models contain the relevant data in Step 2.
  2. To download .txt and .xml files on this webpage, please right click on the URL and "Save link as..."
a) Archicad

14 Nov 2023 Webinar Slides
Archicad IFC-SG Toolkit

For merging with an existing project template
For a new project starting with a fresh template
Archicad IFC-SG How-To Guide

You may also refer to the video playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF-UsLY83rhCDTDaDYQ42rWLR1L6CzdLA for more information.

The Archicad Column Description below describes how specific columns in the Industry Mapping excel file can be carried out in Archicad, with hyperlinks to videos from the Archicad IFC-SG playlist.

Archicad Column Description

Column Header Name  Archicad How-To Guide Chapter and Video  Remarks 
H - I IFC4 Entities and IFC Sub Types 2.2 CLASSIFYING OBJECTS
 IFC-SG Classifications have been integrated into the AC 2.0 classification. You can classify objects in the project, the associated properties will be shown.

The AC template and classification will handle the Sub types upon export. You can check the IFC properties under "Classification and Properties" to ensure the entity and subtypes are correct.
J, K, L Property Set, Property Name, Property Type 2.4 EDITING PROPERTIES
Predefined Properties
Userdefined Properties
Property Type will be handled as part of the AC Template
N IFC4 Material Set 2.4.4 IfcMaterial / IfcMaterialLayer

Graphisoft has also created additional videos and apps:

1. Solibri for IFC-SG Checking
2. Workflow Made Easy for CORENET X: The Archicad Way
3. "1IFC", an OpenBIM app, to bind multiple IFC files - 1IFC app in zip folder (30mb), 1IFC User Guide (265kb)

b) OpenBuildings Designer

You may also refer to the video playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF-UsLY83rhDJNqkkkLsm8_yOyicberUO for more information.

The OpenBuildings Designer Column Description below describes how specific columns in the Industry Mapping excel file can be carried out in OpenBuildings Designer, with hyperlinks to videos from the OpenBuildings Designer IFC-SG playlist.

OpenBuildings Designer Column Description

Column Header Name OBD How-To Guide Remarks
H - I IFC4 Entities and IFC Sub Types IFC Override

J, K, L, N Property Set, Property Name, Property Type, IFC4 Material Set Modifying userdefined properties Ensure configurations are correctly placed in project folder (Item Mapping & Property Mapping) so that properties in OBD gets exported to the proper IFC-SG Key data structure

c) Revit

The latest updated Autodesk interoperability tools and configuration files for IFC-SG can be found https://interoperability.autodesk.com/singapore/.


1) Setting Up the Revit Tool
2) Exporting Information to IFC
Revit IFC Exporter JSON Files3kb
Note: Within this Zip Folder, please use the applicable Revit version for your project
Revit IFC-SG How-To Guide
Revit IFC (International) Manual 2.0
You may also refer to the video playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF-UsLY83rhAXjxLK6DgxmZz3Fa3D5sE8 for more information.

The Revit Column Description below describes shows how specific columns in the Industry Mapping excel file can be carried out in Revit, with hyperlinks to videos from the Revit IFC-SG playlist.

Revit Column Description

Column Header Name Archicad How-To Guide Chapter and Video Remarks
H - I IFC4 Entities and IFC Sub Types 2.1.3 How to Apply Predefined Type
IfcExportAs is to satisfy the export of a. IFC Entity
b. Predefined Type
Format of Value: IfcEntity.PredefinedType
e.g. IfcWall.PARAPET

IfcObjectType is to satisfy the export of USERDEFINED Object Type
J, K, L Property Set, Property Name, Property Type 2.1.2 How to Add a Shared Project Parameter
Loading of Shared Parameter
Adding Project Parameter
Property sets will be handled during export, Revit users will need to ensure the property names loaded as "Shared Parameter" or "Project Parameter" are of the same spelling, data type as per stated in the Mapping Excel.
N IFC4 Material Set 2.1.9 IfcMaterial / IfcMaterialLayer
d) Tekla

The latest IFC-SG tools, plug-ins, guides and training initiatives by Tekla can be found at the Tekla IFC-SG Resource Centre.

Tekla Ecosystem - 2023-11-01

Tekla has also rolled out an FOC CORENET X Accelerator Program for firms, with more details available at this link.

CX Accelerator Program at a glance

3 Nov 2023 - Trimble CORENET X Webinar


You may also refer to the video playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF-UsLY83rhBkqHJoX11prhGFu7TyCjE- for more information.

The Tekla Column Description below describes how specific columns in the Industry Mapping excel file can be carried out in Tekla, with hyperlinks to videos from the Tekla IFC-SG playlist.

Tekla Column Description

Column Header Name Tekla How-To Guide Chapter and Video
H - I IFC4 Entities and IFC Sub Types 2.4 How to apply object type
J, K, L Property Set, Property Name, Property Type 2.2 Adding userdefined properties

Step 4

Quick Start Exercises before You Start Modelling

The Quick Start Exercises will help you to verify that you understand Steps 1-3 above and double-check on your IFC model using separate IFC viewers, before you make your submission on CORENET X.

Exercise on IFC-SG Key Data Structure
List of Recommended IFC Viewers

(Note that this list is not exhaustive)

*System Entities include IfcBuildingSystem (ARC), IfcDistributionSystem (MEP)

** To view multiple IFC files in FOC viewers that are unable to federate IFC models, the "1IFC" app, which is also FOC, could be used. This openBIM application has been specially created by Graphisoft, is based on C# and is able to bind multiple IFC files. 

Step 5

IFC-SG Validator (BIMLife)

Please visit the IFC-SG Validator and refer to the materials attached below.

COPr on the IFC-SG Validator on 23 April 2023

IFC-SG Validator (Solibri)

You may also refer to Solibri Rulesets for IFC-SG Checking for materials and demo video on how to review your IFC-SG model on Solibri Office.

3rd Party Apps to Expedite the IFC-SG Workflow

Please see attached a sample video demo and data transfer process to expedite the IFC-SG workflow. This is especially useful for C&S Engineers. Do note that the IFC-SG mapping requirements in the video may not be the latest updated version.

Good Practices by Industry Firms

Q: Why do the configuration files contain more parameters than what was stated in the Excel file?

A: The information stated in the Industry Mapping (Excel) denotes the scope of the current phase of CORENET X development.

Q: Dimensions such as Length, Width, Depth, Height are available as part of the BIM object, do I have to create them as custom parameters and input the values manually?

A: Please note that most of the dimensions will automatically be exported via the software configuration when exporting to IFC. Please ensure that the property name matches the configuration for automatic extraction. Users should refer to the respective BIM authoring tool's How-To Guide for detailed steps on how to use the configuration files.

Q: My company uses "Floor" for modelling ramps. It this acceptable for the requirements for Ramps?

A: The BIM representation columns are mainly for reference and are not to be taken as strict requirements.
Users are free to use any tools or category for modelling as long as the output in IFC follows the mapping. For example, if a user decides to use Floor instead of Ramps, the users will need to perform the IFC overriding feature that is available for the respective BIM authoring tool. Please refer to the respective BIM authoring tool’s How-to Guide for the detailed steps.

For feedback or enquiry related to CORENET X, please complete the form here.

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