New accreditation schemes for Managing Agents to raise property management standards

BCA will recognise accreditation schemes for MAs administered by the Association of Property and Facility Managers (APFM) and the Association of Strata Managers (ASM)
28 Feb 2020


With the rise of multi-complex, mixed-used developments in Singapore’s rapidly evolving landscape, accredited MAs with higher management competencies will benefit the entire property value chain and be the way forward in the future. 


From 2021, Managing Agents (MAs) who have undergone structured training by the Building and Construction Authority Academy (BCAA) and either the Association of Property and Facility Managers (APFM) or the Association of Strata Managers (ASM), can apply for accreditation under the scheme administered by either APFM or ASM. The accreditation schemes will be recognised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to support industry efforts to raise MA standards.

The initiative comes at a time when increasingly complex and mixed-use developments in Singapore’s rapidly evolving landscape is on the rise. Accredited MAs with higher management competencies and skill sets will benefit the entire property value chain. With the accreditation schemes, the industry aims to raise the professionalism and competency standards of both individual MAs and MA firms, in particular those providing services to management corporations (MCSTs).

To be accredited, individual MAs will need to undergo structured training conducted by either Association, and BCAA, among other requirements set by the respective Association. For MA firms to qualify for accreditation, they must have a minimum of 30% of its individual MAs accredited from February 2021. This minimum percentage will be increased to 50% from February 2022 and 70% from February 2023. Both associations will administer their respective accreditation schemes.

mr-tay-it-tuan-vice-president-apfm-and-mr-chin-chi-leong-commissioner-of-buildings-bcaMr Tay It Tuan, Vice-President, APFM and Mr Chin Chi Leong, Commissioner of Buildings, BCA

Mr Chin Chi Leong, Commissioner of Buildings, BCA, stated, “We are encouraged that the industry is taking the initiative to raise standards and professionalism through a structured programme and accreditation. Individual MAs will learn about key legislative provisions, basic principles of facilities maintenance and services, as well as communications and administrative skills. These skill sets will help improve the running of the estate.”

Commenting on the accreditation schemes, Dr Lim Lan Yuan, President of APFM said,“APFM started the Accredited Managing Agent (AMA) Scheme with the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) in 2003, and it has since been widely accepted and recognised by stakeholders in the property management industry. We are now enhancing the AMA Scheme in tandem with the objectives of the amended Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act, to further professionalise the provision of property and facility management services. Owners of properties, residents, management corporations, managing agents and all in the value chain of property and facility management will benefit from the enhanced Scheme through the structured approach to training, certification and accreditation of persons and firms providing property management services.”

mr-chin-chi-leong-commissioner-of-buildings-bca-and-mr-chan-kok-hong-president-asmMr Chin Chi Leong, Commissioner of Buildings, BCA and Mr Chan Kok Hong, President, ASM

Mr Chan Kok Hong, President of the Association of Strata Managers added, “The accreditation scheme is a timely initiative in upskilling the workforce to meet increasing technological and service demands and in attracting new entrants to join the MA industry, which currently faces a shortage of trained strata management personnel. With the accreditation scheme in place, MCSTs can make informed decisions in selecting MA firms and individual MAs who meet their needs while being assured of service quality. ASM is pleased to be a champion of this drive. We are pleased to collaborate with the Real Estate and Construction Academy as the training partner for the accreditation scheme."

BCA will issue a certificate of recognition for the Associations’ accreditation schemes, which will be subject to renewal every three years. Meanwhile, MA firms are encouraged to send their eligible staff for training so as to meet the accreditation requirements when the schemes are launched in 2021. The lists of accredited MA firms and accredited individual MAs will be published on APFM and ASM’s websites respectively.

Find out more about the individual training programmes at APFM, ASM or the BCAA.


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