Creating smart logistics solutions to improve efficiency for construction companies

25 Sep 2020


Our long-term goal is to expand regionally and bring our solutions to growing markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar. We want to play a part in building the great cities of tomorrow. 
- Jean Christophe Li, Co-founder of Aespada Technologies  

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the built environment industry’s need to transform, including embracing digital technologies to implement essentials of the new normal such as safe distancing and increased monitoring of site workers.

Aespada Technologies is one of the startups that received funding under the Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme (BEAMP)  to develop a prototype for its cloud-based tool, known as AespadaDMS. The solution is a delivery management system that helps contractors plan and track the delivery of materials to work sites.

“One pain point is the inability of contractors to trace the location of vehicles transporting materials to the work site,” said Aespada’s co-founder Jean Christophe Li. “This often led to late deliveries, congestion and bottlenecks.”

“There is a risk of accidents because there are too many lorries at a work site at any one time. Over time, unresolved logistics problems can cause project delays,” he added.

aespadadms AespadaDMS is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool equipped with GPS and geofencing features. It helps main contractors manage and monitor deliveries to work sites.

Besides AespadaDMS, the company recently rolled out another product in beta, AespadaSL, an on-demand booking platform that connects construction companies to a network of logistics providers of heavy vehicles such as lorries, trailers and cargo vans.

“I’d like to think of AespadaSL as the Uber of the construction industry,” Mr Li says.

The on-demand booking platform for heavy vehicles requires little human-to-human interaction, which is ideal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr Li expects the platform to play an important role in helping the industry cope with rising demand for lorries used to transport workers given that more vehicles are needed due to safe distancing measures implemented by the Ministry of Manpower.

Mr Li incorporated the company in 2018 with co-founder Charles Ng, a managing director in a telecommunications company. They aim to successfully implement AespadaDMS in two projects by the fourth quarter and to secure another three projects by December 2020.

“Our goal over the next two years will be to work closely with BCA and other industry stakeholders to push for more projects to be adopted into the Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) path set by BCA,” Mr Li said.

“The COVID-19 situation has only accelerated this process and we’re hopeful that more companies will use our digital platform to manage and monitor their deliveries in the near future,” he added.

The founders have big dreams of growing their customer base and expect to break even by the second quarter of 2021. In addition, they are targeting a Series A funding in the fourth quarter next year.

Mr Li noted, “Our long-term goal is to expand regionally and bring our solutions to growing markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar. We want to play a part in building the great cities of tomorrow.”

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