On a learning journey to Eunoia Junior College, participants gained an appreciation of the adoption of advanced construction technologies.

Setting a meaningful foundation with the BE Formation Programme

More than 60 students participated in the four-day pre-internship programme.
28 Aug 2020


The four-day industry primer aims to not only better prepare students and get them job-ready, but to also impart and inspire a higher sense of appreciation of the sector’s contributions in building and operating modern Singapore. 

With internships being an important gateway in attracting students into the built environment sector, the Built Environment (BE) Formation Programme was launched as an enhancement to the student internship experience. The four-day industry primer aims to not only better prepare students and get them job-ready, but to also impart and inspire a higher sense of appreciation of the sector’s contributions in building and operating modern Singapore.

participants-interacted-with-industry-delegates-and-exhibitors-during-a-guided-tour-to-ibew Participants interacted with industry delegates and exhibitors during a guided tour to IBEW to learn more about the advanced technologies, inventions and industry updates in the built environment sector.

The BE Formation Programme is formulated with the following objectives:

  • To better prepare students for internship through an induction programme to the built environment sector
  • To expose students to new transformation areas and deepen their understanding on the rationale and importance of industry transformation
  • To convey a higher sense of purpose and infuse excitement for joining the built environment sector

The programme completed its successful inaugural run from 2 to 5 September 2019 at the BCA Academy with the participation of 59 students from the Singapore Institute of Technology’s Civil Engineering and Building Services degree programmes and two students from NTU’s engineering programme.

interns-were-engaged-in-dialogue-sessions-with-industry-professionals-on-the-roles-of-stakeholders-and-pote Interns were engaged in dialogue sessions with industry professionals on the roles of stakeholders and potential career pathways.

Designed to optimise learning, the intensive and interactive programme is a blend of online modules and face-to-face sessions covering collaborative workshops, simulation activities, industry sharing dialogues as well as learning journeys. The programme starts with a broad overview of the sector’s contribution to nation building and its continued importance to Singapore. It further unpacks the multiple facets that make up the ecosystem for students, highlights its challenges with global shifts and changing demographics, and concludes with the prospects and outlook of the built environment sector. The programme offers students a preview of the multiple professional pathways available and the need for advancement through lifelong learning.

Throughout the programme, participants are engaged on topical areas for the sector including a deep dive into the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM) and game-changing technologies. For example, the inaugural edition saw participants visit cutting-edge projects and innovation centres where they saw first-hand how the application of innovative technologies such as Mass Engineered Timber and data analytics for building operations and maintenance could improve productivity and performance respectively.

a-collaborative-mindset-was-cultivated-among-participants-through-workshops-and-other-interactive-simulatio A collaborative mindset was cultivated among participants through workshops and other interactive simulations and learning activities.

Led by the BCA Academy, the programme was co-developed with input from industry bodies and co-facilitated by industry Young Leaders from the sector, while representatives from relevant Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs), industry professionals and veterans engaged the participants in enriching dialogue sessions. Committed, nurturing and enthusiastic, they provide students with invaluable insights into the industry and help to broaden their perspectives while inspiring them to seek meaningful careers in the built environment sector.

Results of the post-programme evaluation showed significant improvements in students’ sense of job readiness and understanding of the on-going transformation of the sector – important indices that would lead to more positive internship experiences.

interns-gained-insights-on-exemplary-projects-adopting-advanced-technology-such-as-design-for-manufactoring Interns gained insights on exemplary projects adopting advanced technologies such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD).

In a speech at the iBuildSG Scholarship and Sponsorship Ceremony in October 2019, Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development said, “Internships are indeed a key part of the students’ learning journey, especially in our built environment sector, where new technologies are continuously being developed and practical on-the-job skills are very important…I am very encouraged to hear positive feedback from participants who took part in this pre-internship programme, and I hope that has put them in a better position, having seen what’s possible, to undertake a meaningful internship.”

a-total-of-61-participants-from-sit-and-ntu-participated-in-the-successful-inaugural-run-of-the-be-formatio A total of 61 participants from SIT and NTU participated in the successful inaugural run of the BE Formation Programme.

After a promising first run, the BE Formation Programme has been organised for students in BE-related courses across various Universities and Polytechnics with encouraging feedback received from the participants. The programme aims to benefit about 2,000 interns over the next five years with greater participation and support from industry firms and agencies, and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs).

Read an interview with participants of the first BE Formation Programme, SIT students Nee Kong and Umar.


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