Coronavirus Disease 2019

Updated as of 10 February 2020

Information for Built Environment Sector on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

This notice provides employers from the Built Environment sector (contractors and other stakeholders) with further updates following the BCA Advisory sent out on 26 January 2020.

Below is a summary of the latest information that you should know. Let's do our part and get through this together!

 Updates at a glance
 10 Feb 2020

Enhanced precautionary measures for dormitories

  • Suspend all mass activities
  • Stagger the usage of common dormitory facilities
  • Arrangement for residents on LOA
 7 Feb 2020 (DORSCON Orange)

- Measures for employers and workplaces under DORSCON ORANGE

  • Business continuity plans and managing operations
  • Taking care of employees

7 Feb 2020
- Advisory for employers and employees travelling to and from mainland China

  • Summary of measures introduced for workers arriving from mainland China
  • Actions to be taken by employers of foreign employees and mandatory declarations to MOM
    • Inform and seek written acknowledgement from affected foreign employee of the LOA requirement
    • Request for MOM’s approval 3 days before employee’s planned arrival date to Singapore
  • Definition of quarantine and Leave of Absence (LOA)
 2 Feb 2020
- Advisory for dorm operators / landlords / management of premises/facilities
 31 Jan 2020
New work pass applications and returning work pass holders from mainland China
  • New work pass applications for foreign workers from mainland China
  • Returning work pass holders with recent mainland China travel history
Template for temperature tracking
Template for travel declaration
Note: The above templates are for employers’ internal use to obtain health and travel declaration from employees. 
They are for reference only, and will not be used for submission to MOM.
 28 Jan 2020
New work pass applications and returning work pass holders from Hubei 
  • New work pass applications from Hubei
  • Returning work pass holders from Hubei
 27 Jan 2020
Precautionary measures for employers and employees
  • Travel and health declaration
  • Temperature checks and monitoring of health conditions of employees returning from China
  • Flexible work, leave and salary arrangements
  • Medical benefits
 Check for latest updates
Travel and health advisories
 Frequently asked questions (FAQs) including
- FAQs for Persons under Leave of Absence (LOA)
- FAQs for Employers

The Built Environment sector can play its part in helping to reduce the risk of community spread of the COVID-19. BCA will continue to provide updates that are essential and helpful to your company during this period. As the situation is still evolving, please keep yourself updated on the latest advisories from MOH (moh.gov.sg) and MOM's (mom.gov.sg) websites.

If you have any feedback, please send them to bca_enquiry@bca.gov.sg.

Download (311KB) the PDF version of the advisory. 

26 Jan 2020


BCA Advisory for Built Environment Sector on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

This advisory advises employers and employees of built environment firms to take appropriate precautionary measures, in addition to the advisories published by Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

MOH is closely monitoring the developments of the COVID-19, and has advised Singaporeans to avoid travelling to the whole of Hubei province, China. MOH also advises the public to continue to exercise caution and attention to personal hygiene when travelling to the rest of China. MOM has issued an advisory on precautionary measures for employers and employees travelling to and from China, as well as other known affected countries in response to the increase in cases of the Wuhan virus.

To safeguard employees and provide for business continuity, employers and firms in the built environment sector, in particular the main contractor, should consider adopting the following practices and measures at project sites:

(a) Implement a robust sickness surveillance process to identify and manage unwell employees, including:
- To require employees and visitors entering the project site to declare their recent travel history within the past two weeks;
- To implement temperature screening for all employees and visitors entering the site. In addition, to take note of any employees who have recently travelled to countries with known cases of COVID-19 and monitor if they are unwell;
- To maintain a site attendance record and visitors' contact information for traceability;
- To direct personnel who are unwell to seek medical attention promptly; and
- To actively look into the arrangements for business continuity, should there be a confirmed case within their site or workforce; and housing concerns for employees who return from affected countries.

(b) Remind employees to take note of MOH's latest health advisory, remain vigilant and adopt general precautions, for instance:
- To advise employees to co-operate with the main contractor of the project site in administering precautionary measures with regard to containing the COVID-19;
- To remind employees who intend to travel overseas, or have returned from overseas, to declare their travel plans / recent travel history to their respective employers promptly; and
- To monitor employees' health closely and seek medical attention promptly if they feel unwell, especially if they have recently travelled to countries with known cases of COVID-19.

The above additional precautionary measures serve as a guide for all employers and employees of the built environment sector. Employers should be proactive in introducing these measures for employee welfare as well as to avoid impact on business continuity in the event of outbreak within the workforce. Please visit the Ministry of Health (www.moh.gov.sg) for updates on the COVID-19 situation.

Download (377KB) the PDF version of the advisory. 

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