Advertisement Licensing System

Apply for new advertisement licences and enquire on the status of applications.
(Estimated time to complete: 10mins)

Annual Return 2021 (AR2021): E-Survey

For selected construction companies.

Submit detailed information of businesses and economic indicators on the performance of the industry.
[Deadline on 30 September 2022 for selected construction companies and login is required]
(Estimated time to complete: 20 - 30 mins with the required information ready on hand)

BMSM Portal

For MCSTs, surveyors and owners of lifts and escalators.

Submit Annual General Meeting, Share Value Allotment and apply for the Permit to Operate lifts and escalators.
(Estimated time to complete: Average 20mins)

Construction Infonet

For paid subscribers only. Obtain the latest information and statistics on the various aspects of the local construction industry.

Key Construction Info

Construction Workforce Registration System (CWRS)

Register include locals, longer-staying and experienced or qualified foreign workers or eligible construction personnel under CoreTrade and Multi-skilling.
(Estimated time to complete: 5mins)

Contractors Registration System (CRS): e-Directory

An online directory of registered contractors and licensed builders. No login is required.

CORENET e-Information System (e-Info)

A central repository for building codes, regulations and circulars published by the various building and construction regulatory agencies in Singapore.


For industry professionals.

Submit project related electronic plans and documents to regulatory authorities for approval.
(Estimated time to complete: 10mins)

Coretrade Registration System: Construction Personnel Deployment Submission

For builders only.

Update project information to comply with CoreTrade requirements such as, contract duration, deployment of CoreTrade personnel, project coordinator's information.
(Estimated time to complete: 5mins)

Download Application Forms

A list of application forms for Advertisement Licensing, Buildability Score, Building Plans Submission, Building Maintenance and Strata Management, Household & Storey Shelters, Periodic Structural Inspection, Public Shelters, Retrieve Building Information and Plans and Structural Plans Submission 


Electronic Builders Licensing and Contractors Registration Systems (eBACS)

Apply for all types of Builder's Licences under the Builders Licensing Scheme (BLS) and all categories of Contractors Registration System (CRS).
(Estimated time to complete: 30mins)

Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS)

For builders only.

Submit the productivity data of their building projects to BCA.
(Estimated time to complete: 15mins)

E-legal Search

Apply for information on date of Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) OR Name of Qualified Person (QP) from Building Control Records.


E-payment for different applications under Construction Safety Orientation, Plan Processing Fees and AC/ACO/SAC Registration Fees.
(Estimated time to complete: 5mins)

Green Mark e-filing Portal

For submission in compliance with the Building Control (Environmental Sustainability) Regulations 2008
(Estimated time to complete: 25-30mins)

GM Online

For application and submission of document evidence for Green Mark Certification.
(Estimated time to complete application: 20-30mins)
(Estimated time to complete submission: 20-40mins)

Landing Permit System (e-LPS)

Apply landing permits required for landing/unloading at BCA aggregate terminals and other designated direct landing areas.
(Estimated time to complete: 5 mins)

Lifts and Escalators Application (LEAP) Portal

Lift and escalator owners, contractors and Specialist Professional Engineers (SPEs) can apply for and view applications for Permit to Operate (PTO) here.

Plan Purchase

Apply for Inspection and Making Copies of the Approved Building & Structural Drawings.
(Estimated time to complete: 20mins) 

Public Sector Panels of Consultants (PSPC)

For applications and renewal to be listed on the PSPC.

Testing & Training

A list of Full-Time, Part-Time, Master, Bachelor, Specialist Diploma and Diploma programmes and courses.

Popular e-Services


The Construction Workforce Registration System (CWRS) is an online portal for CoreTrade and Multi-skilling registration and the renewal of Direct R1 eligibility.

Overseas Testing Management System

OTMS allows you to register the workers for Identity Verification and to check your registration status online.

Lifts and Escalators Application (LEAP) Portal

Lift and escalator owners, contractors and Specialist Professional Engineers (SPEs) can apply for and view applications for Permit to Operate (PTO) here.