Accreditation Framework for Built Environment Professionals

The Skills Framework for the Built Environment (BE Skills Framework) aims to drive the upskilling and recognition of BE professionals through the following key stakeholders:

  1. Professionals and students – Clear progression /milestones and skills requirements for professionals and students to chart their career development
  2. Employers - Better understanding and recognition of the required skillsets and competencies of personnel in different job roles. To attract and retain talent, and facilitate building of capabilities within the firm
  3. Service Procurers – Validation of skillsets and competencies to differentiate and identify individuals who meet the project needs

How does it work?

To support the BE Skills Framework, the accreditation schemes for BE professionals will adopt  a standardised approach to validate and recognise the skillsets and competencies. The various accreditation schemes will progressively be launched by Accrediting Bodies.

The accreditation schemes are governed by a robust system to ensure they meet the service procurers’ needs, and the standards are aligned across the different professional disciplines. A panel comprising representatives from key public and private developers will oversee the framework and:

  1. Establish and coordinate the accreditation standards across all disciplines;
  2. Review proposals submitted by Accrediting Bodies; and
  3. Endorse the accreditation schemes that have met the accreditation criteria.

All accreditation schemes have been assessed based on the three broad accreditation principles below:

adherence to acreditation framework

With the shift towards competency based assessment, Accrediting Bodies have to ensure that the accreditation schemes provide progressive pathways for personnel with different academic background, assessment of competency based on required skills and competencies for the job roles, and direction for continuing professional development. In addition, the Accrediting Bodies have to put in place proper governance and business plan to ensure the accreditation scheme remains viable, robust and beneficial to the industry. These will in turn instil confidence in service procurers and thereby creating a healthy eco-system by driving demand and supply for accredited personnel.

The endorsement of accreditation schemes is valid for a 3-year term and is subjected to a yearly review through the submission of an annual report to ensure its relevancy.

Moving towards competency-based procurement

With the accreditation schemes progressively launched, public sector construction and FM procurement will also move towards competency-based procurement in phases.

Phase 1. Government agencies could recognise accreditation as an alternative to academic qualification and years of experience in the following areas:

  1. Tender specification requirements which specify the minimum required experience of key project team members
  2. Tender evaluation criteria which evaluate the strength and competencies of the project team proposed by the tenderer

Examples on specifying for accredited personnel in procurement can be found here.

Similarly, BCA is also reviewing the personnel requirements to recognise accreditation as an alternative qualification in the Contractors Registration System (CRS) and Public Sector Panels of Consultants (PSPC) listing.

Phase 2. Depending on the BE sector’s readiness (e.g. when there is a critical mass of accredited personnel built up), BCA will review with Government agencies to fully implement the recognition of accredited personnel as a default requirement in tender specification, tender evaluation and firms registration requirements under the PSPC and CRS.

Accreditation schemes for BE sector professionals

The following Accrediting Bodies are leading the accreditation schemes as shown below:

Career Pathway

Accrediting Bodies


Construction Management

Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL)

Launched in Aug 2021

Digital Delivery Management

buildingSMART Singapore (bSS)

Launched in May 2021

Facilities Management Singapore International Facility Management Association Launched in Dec 2021

Project Management


Society of Project Managers (SPM) 

Launched in Nov 2020

Quantity Surveying

Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV)

Launched in Jan 2022

Architectural Consultancy and Design

Work in Progress

Construction Management (Production)

Work in Progress

Engineering Consultancy and Design

Work in Progress

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