BCA Certified Construction Productivity Professional Scheme

The BCA Certified Construction Productivity Professional (BCA CCPP) Scheme provides recognition to construction professionals who are leading efforts to continually improve productivity in the industry.

How do professionals benefit

Bonus Constructability Points 5 bonus points will be granted to a builder's project Constructability Score (if applicable).

Conditions for granting of Bonus Constructability Points:
  • The CCPP must be engaged full-time in the said project.
  • The CCPP must submit a Project Productivity Enhancement Proposal (PPE). It should include proposals for macro (project-wide) productivity improvements for the project and two new key trades' micro (trade-specific) productivity improvements, plus all previous micro productivity improvements submitted.
The CCPP and the builder must implement these proposed productivity improvements in the project. BCA officers will conduct audit checks on site to ensure the said PPE is implemented during the course of the project. 
Professional recognition The BCA CCPP title can be included on your business cards and emails to show attainment of this professional status.
Lifetime validity The BCA CCPP status is valid for life with no expiry date. However, you may be required to attend continuous education trainings or briefings of revised registration requirements.

Who can qualify

Applicants should have:

  • Pre-requisite Qualification - Hold an existing Certificate in Construction Productivity Management (CCPM) or Specialist Diploma in Construction Productivity (SDCP)
  • Competency - Have the knowledge and skills to plan, coordinate and implement initiatives and measures to continually improve the productivity of construction projects.
  • Practical Experience - Have made consistent and dedicated efforts in improving the productivity of construction project sites. These efforts can include contribution and application of ideas, and management/technical skills which led to significant productivity growth in projects.

How to register

To register as a BCA CCPP:

Submit your application before either of these closing dates:

  • 31st March
  • 31st August

BCA reserves the right to award BCA CCPP status to prominent or outstanding individuals in the industry without requiring him/her to undergo the above registration requirements. Such an individual shall be considered as an Honorary BCA CCPP.

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