Building Innovation Panel

The inter-agency* Building Innovation Panel (BIP) assists firms in expediting evaluations and obtaining regulatory clearance to use innovative methods, processes, technologies and materials in their construction projects. Beyond raising productivity, these innovative solutions should improve Singapore’s built environment to meet our Construction Industry Transformation Map objectives.

* Agencies include BCA, LTA, MOM, NEA, PUB, SCDF, and URA. In addition, non-regulatory agencies, HDB and JTC, are included to provide user perspective during evaluation.

The BIP aims to:

  • Identify innovative technologies – This includes tracking new innovations, and conducting focus group discussions with the construction industry to identify trends and promote adoption of innovations.
  • Support innovative technologies – Support will be rendered across the value chain, from upstream research to technology deployment. For example, BIP can help match inventors of promising new construction innovation with a progressive builder/developer, so that it can be implemented in an actual project and eventually, across the industry.
  • Be a platform for multi-agency regulatory approval – Enables multiple agencies’ evaluation and approval of innovative solutions to be expedited. These solutions should lead to at least 20% improvement in productivity/sustainability and/or demonstrate good potential to significantly improve the built environment.

Steering committee and work streams

The Steering Committee, comprising of representatives from the Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs), will give broad strategic directions for innovation in construction and align construction technology development to the objectives of the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM). It will be supported by 3 work streams:
  • Technology Assessment Committee – Focuses on innovations that are ready for implementation in projects and their regulatory approval. Assist firms in expediting multi-agency evaluation of innovative methods, sustainable materials and technologies.
  • Research & Innovation Committee – Focuses on innovations requiring further research and development. Conducts proactive scanning and identification of construction innovations, oversees research of construction innovations, and develops new or enhanced regulatory codes to enable adoption of innovations.
  • Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee – Helps to resolve any regulatory conflicts among government agencies that may arise from the use of innovative solutions in a project.

Evaluation process

Submissions are evaluated based on:

  • Level of innovation
  • Impact on construction productivity of the materials, methods or processes
  • Sustainable materials or technologies leading to environmentally friendly construction

Once the submission has been accepted, the BIP Secretariat will expedite resolution of outstanding issues between the applicant and respective authorities and agencies.

evaluation process

In Principle Acceptance (IPA) certificates

A certificate of In Principle Acceptances (IPA) will be granted to the innovative solutions (design, products, materials or processes) which have been accepted by the relevant authorities and agencies. The certificate also accords fast track status to subsequent regulatory submissions involving the use of the accepted innovative solutions.

List of innovative solutions have been granted In Principle Acceptance for use in Singapore projects:

How to apply

To request assistance, submit the following to BIP:

  1. A set of completed application form 
  2. Documentary evidence of compliance with codes of practice (Singapore or overseas)
  3. Track record of overseas implementation
  4. Material or product specifications
  5. Quality certifications or test reports by accredited laboratories
  6. Any other relevant information.

Please refer to the checklists below for the specific documentation required by individual government agencies.

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