Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS) and Requirements for Biometric Authentication Systems (BAS)

Mandatory submission of Construction Productivity Data

As stated under Regulation 10(a) of the Building Control (Buildability and Productivity) Regulations 2011, builders need to install and operate Biometric Authentication Systems (BAS) to enhance the reliability and efficiency in the collection of Construction Productivity Data. Building works which are subject to this mandatory submission include those which:

  • Occupy a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 5000 m2 or more
  • Have submitted for Planning Permission on or after 1 November 2014
  • Are new building projects, upgrading projects and A&A projects

Builders should submit the Construction Productivity Data obtained from the BAS via the Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS).

Read more about the BAS data submission requirements – Hardware and software requirements, submission frequency, sample report formats, etc.

About the Biometric Authentication Systems (BAS)

Biometric Authentication Systems (BAS) integrate the functions of time recording and bio-characteristics recognition. The built-in biometric sensor is able to recognise each personnel by his/her biometric characteristics (e.g. fingerprint, palm veins, facial feature, hand geometry, etc). The use of BAS will facilitate the gathering of data on mandays used on project sites.

About the Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS)

BCA collects productivity data of building projects on a monthly basis using the Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS). Builders are required to monitor the manpower usage in their projects and submit the data to BCA through the ePSS. From the data collected, BCA can calculate the industry average project productivity (defined as the amount of square meter of floor area completed per manday) for the different building categories.

For any questions about BAS or ePSS, please email us at BCA_EPSS@bca.gov.sg

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