Certification Schemes

BCA certification schemes accord recognition to construction firms and personnel that are leading the way in raising industry standards. Examples of these include delivering high quality products and projects, practicing safe work practices at their sites, and showing corporate social responsibility to the environment and community.

Available schemes



Certified Quality Mark / CONQUAS Supervisor and Manager Schemes

Accord recognition to personnel in the construction industry who are instrumental in delivering projects of high quality, as reflected in high CONQUAS scores for their projects

Green and Gracious Builder Scheme

Raise the environmental consciousness and professionalism of builders. It is also a benchmark of a builder’s corporate social responsibility to the environment and public during the construction of projects

A new scheme by BCA  - Integrated Construction Quality Assurance Scheme (ICQA)

ICQA scheme is an industry specific standard developed by BCA tailored for the Built Environment (BE) sector. ICQA provides a framework for builders to develop a system that helps them deliver high standard of workmanship quality and improve productivity for building works. The framework encourages firms to leverage the use of technology for construction work and focus on defect prevention. It is a performance based tool for evaluating firms’ capabilities and competencies.  

ICQA aims to let firms take greater ownership of their quality delivery through the adoption of good industry practices in the area of quality, productivity, environmental and safety. Through ICQA, firms will be steered towards business excellence through enhanced key work processes and improved operational performance. Performance will be mapped to a tiered rating system to benchmark the firms’ standing against their peers. There are eight (8) categories within the ICQA framework namely Leadership, Customer, Human Capital, Planning, Process, Knowledge, Innovation and Results .

In addition, ICQA is  an alternative to ISO certification requirement in  Contractors Registration System (CRS) registration for CW01/CW02 A and B grade builders. Firms that are currently registered under CRS and wish to set higher standard of performance for themselves can opt for ICQA in lieu of the generic ISO certification.

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