CONQUAS Application

How to apply 

Developers/builders can submit an application via CONQUAS® e-Application.

The application for CONQUAS ® assessment must be submitted before the commencement of construction works.

CONQUAS briefing

Upon payment of CONQUAS® assessment fees, the applicant can schedule a briefing via the Quality Single Login system. The briefing provides essential detail such as total samples to be assessed for the project, logistic requirements for the assessment, booking of assessment schedule, etc. The Builder is encouraged to gather their project team and subcontractors to attend the briefing, which will be conducted at the project, site office.

Forms for Submission



7th & 8th CONQUAS Edition
(Hard copy only).

For the forms, please contact:
Serena Ho at serena_ho@bca.gov.sg or
Joeson Teo at teo_kok_chuan@bca.gov.sg
 9th CONQUAS Edition
(soft copies only)
Part 1: To submit after completing structural works
Part 2: To complete all architectural/M&E works assessments and submit Material & Functional Test Forms to QCD prior to application for TOP inspection.
Soft copy submission can be sent to BCA CONQUAS E-submissions: bca_conquas_esubmissions@bca.gov.sg
Please refer to attached guide:
Material and Functional Test Forms submission guide


Release of CONQUAS Scores

Projects shall complete all assessments and samples prior to application for TOP or CSC inspection, whichever comes first.

Provisional CONQUAS score will be issued to project after verification of the completeness of assessment and submission.

Finalised CONQUAS score will be released 9 months after the certified completion date of the project.

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