What to Know as a Condo Owner

Info-pack for Subsidiary Proprietors (SPs):

What to Know as a Condo Owner

This info-pack serves as an introduction to your new role as an owner of a condominium unit i.e. a subsidiary proprietor (SP). It will help you gain a better understanding of your duties, responsibilities, rights and restrictions, and provide you with knowledge on how strata titled developments (e.g. condominiums) are managed under the regulatory framework. Whether you have purchased the condo unit as a place of residence or as an investment, it is important for you to understand these concepts as they may directly affect you as a unit owner.

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Key Takeaways


1.   You are part of the Management Corporation (MC)

All condo unit owners (i.e. subsidiary proprietors ‘SPs’) including you, are part of the Management Corporation (MC), which is formed to manage and maintain the estate. This is similar to being a stakeholder/shareholder of a company. Do note that the Management Corporation (MC) is a legal entity that can sue and be sued.

As a unit owner (i.e. subsidiary proprietor ‘SP’), it is important for you to cooperate and play an active role in the running and maintenance of the whole estate by:

  • Attending and voting at general meetings;
  • Paying maintenance fees and other payments for maintenance of common property on time, and abiding by all house rules and by-laws.


2. Condos are managed on self-governance

Condos are managed on self-governance, facilitated by the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA). The BMSMA allows all owners (i.e. subsidiary proprietor ‘SP’) to collectively decide how best to manage the estate that they share. This means that all affairs and decisions are to be managed and resolved privately between the parties involved as they are considered private issues.

Where needed, the parties involved may escalate these issues to the appropriate channels such as tabling for discussion in a general meeting or make an application (fees apply) to the Strata Titles Boards (STB), for resolution. The STB is a tribunal set up to hear a specific list of disputes between Management Corporations (MCs) and unit owners (i.e. subsidiary proprietors ‘SPs’).

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This info-pack has been prepared by the Building and Construction Authority (“BCA”), and is not intended to be a legal interpretation of laws including the BMSM Act or legal advice. Potential condominium buyers should seek professional legal advice if they wish to better understand their legal rights and duties. The Commissioner of Buildings, BCA and any other agency shall not be liable for any reliance on any information contained in this info-pack by any person.

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