BCA Green Mark Pearl Award

Launched in 2014, the Green Mark Pearl Award recognises building owners/landlords and tenants/occupants working in tandem to achieve greater environmental sustainability for the same project or building.

Qualifying building types

  • Commercial offices
  • Retail malls
  • Business park developments

For mixed developments, applicants can choose to split up the application for the award by component as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. The award category of the projects shall be based on the predominant use of the building.

Key eligibility criteria 

  • Base building must achieve a Green Mark GoldPLUSor Platinum rating that is valid at point of application
  • Minimum gross floor area (GFA) of the building/project must be 5,000m2
  • A minimum percentage of tenanted spaces based on nett lettable area (NLA) must be certified under any of the following Green Mark occupant-centric schemes:
    • GM for Healthier Workplaces
    • GM for Office Interior
    • GM for Supermarkets
    • GM for Retail
    • GM for Restaurants
    • GM for Data Centres
    • GM for Laboratories

Award tiers


Percentage of Tenanted Floor Space Certified under GM Occupant-Centric Schemes

Award Tier

Multi-tenanted (i.e. 2 tenants/occupants or more)

Minimum 50% NLA (min. 2 GM occupant-centric projects) awarded any rating

Green Mark Pearl Award

Minimum 70% NLA (min. 2 GM occupant-centric projects), with minimum 20% NLA awarded GM GoldPLUS or Platinum rating

Green Mark Pearl Prestige Award


100% NLA awarded GM GoldPLUS rating

Green Mark Pearl Award

100% NLA awarded GM Platinum rating

Green Mark Prestige Award

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