Construction Registration of Tradesmen

Construction Registration of Tradesmen (CoreTrade) is a registration scheme for skilled and experienced construction personnel in the various key construction trades. CoreTrade personnel may qualify as “Higher Skilled” under Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s Foreign Worker Levy Scheme.

This scheme aims to:

  • Build a core group of competent and experienced workers in key construction trades. This core group will serve to anchor and lead the construction workforce, and raise its quality and productivity levels.

  • Help to retain high quality and more experienced workers by providing a clear career progression path and due recognition.It will allow one to move from a basic skilled worker to a registered CoreTrade Tradesman specialising in specific trades, then progress to become a registered CoreTrade Foreman, and eventually a CoreTrade Supervisor. Registration also recognises workers for their competence and experience in their respective trades.

Progression path

There are three classes of CoreTrade personnel:


Scope of work

Years of local construction experience

CoreTrade Tradesman

A worker who is skilled and engaged in a particular trade.

4 years

CoreTrade Foreman

A worker who supervises and co-ordinates a group of tradesmen in a particular trade.

6 years

CoreTrade Supervisor

A worker who oversees a particular class of construction works.

8 years

Who can apply

Workers who are eligible for registration include locals, as well as longer-staying and experienced foreign workers who have been working in the construction industry in Singapore, who meet the following criteria:

Familiarisation courses and skills assessments are available at:

Continuing education and training (CET) requirements

  • CoreTrade registration is valid for 2 years. 
  • To renew their registration, workers are required to attend Continuing Education and Training (CET) in their respective registered trade category.
  • Tradesman and Trade Foreman: The CET will be a half-day course covering the latest codes and regulations, good practices, and demonstration of new methods, materials, tools and equipment relevant to the specific construction trades and/or areas of responsibility of the registered personnel.
  • Supervisor: The CET for CoreTrade Supervisors will be an 8-hour session covering the latest codes and regulations, good practices, and demonstration of new methods, materials, tools and equipment relevant to the specific construction trades and also co-ordination of work processes to incorporate the advanced and productive technologies from the supervisory aspects. CoreTrade Supervisors will need to attend the CET in the trade category that they are registered in.
  • View list of ATTCs offering CET, and CET course dates and fees.
  • View contact details of ATTCs and BCAA.

How to apply

Submit an online application for registration/renewal through the Construction Workforce Registration System.

The following documents are required for online registration:

  • NRIC (front & back) (for Singaporean) (in PDF)
  • Valid work permit / employment pass (front & back) (for non-Singaporean) (in PDF)
  • Relevant trade qualifications (in PDF) such as
    (a) Trade Diploma, Skills Evaluation Certificate / Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge)
    (b) Valid crane operation license, plumbing or electrician licence
    (c) Certificate of Successful Completion (for other construction plant operation)
    (d) Other supervisory, technical, trade or academic qualification to support the application
  • Worker's employment details (for work permit holder) obtained via "Work Permit Online" at MOM website to support worker's years of local construction experience (in PDF)
A non-refundable application fee of $15 will be required for the application and renewal of CoreTrade registration.

Deployment requirements

As a condition to be met for the Builders’ License under the Building Control (Amendment) Act 2007, licensed Class 1 General Builders are required to deploy a minimum number of CoreTrade personnel in their projects of value S$20million (inclusive of GST) and more.

Read more about deployment requirements 

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