BCA Approved Training and Testing Centres

BCA Approved Training and Testing Centres (ATTCs) provide training and skills assessments for construction workers, who would like to be upgraded through the following pathways:

  • CoreTrade Scheme

    The Construction Registration of Tradesmen (CoreTrade) Scheme was introduced to help the built environment sector build up a core group of competent and experienced workers in key construction trades and supervisory roles. These workers will, in turn, anchor and lead the construction workforce in raising quality and productivity levels.

  • Multi-Skilling Scheme

    The aim of the Multi-Skilling Scheme is to build up a pool of experienced workers that are competent to carry out more than one type of work task on-site. This gives employers the flexibility to deploy multi-skilled workers on-site, thus improving productivity. 

  • Direct R1 Pathway

    The Direct R1 Pathway allows workers with higher skills, who may not have acquired the necessary years of local construction experience, to upgrade to become “Higher Skilled” R1 construction workers. 

  • Continuing Education and Training (CET)

    CET aims to continuously upgrade the construction workforce to support improvements in productivity, quality and safety. 

  • Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge) (SEC(K))

    This scheme aims to raise the skills, productivity and safety in the construction sector. 

  • Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC)
    A Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC) is recognised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for crane operation licensing purposes. A CSC can be obtained for Tower Crane (Saddle Jib) Operation, Mobile Crane Operation, Crawler Crane Operation, and Mini Crane Operation.
Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) and Enhanced Direct R1 Pathway
Accelerated Learning Programme
From 7 Feb 2022, the BCA and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will be introducing the Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) for Malaysian and North Asian Source (NAS) Construction Work Permit Holders (WPHs). The ALP is a new pathway to facilitate the entry and retention of higher-skilled construction workers.
The ALP consists of a 1-day training course and an end-of-course validation. The  end-of-course validation, which is a practical test that takes 4 to 5 hours to complete, assesses a construction worker’s craft-skills to ensure that the worker is competent and can meet the required quality standards of a skilled tradesman.
The end-of-course validation will be offered at BCA Approved Training and Testing Centres (ATTCs).
BCA and MOM will continue to recognise existing certifications such as the Skills Evaluation Certificate (SEC), Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge) [SEC(K)] and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) for Malaysian and NAS WPHs. There are no changes to the requirements for WPHs of other source countries. Please refer to Table 1 for more details.

ALP Table 1

Enhanced Direct R1 Upgrading Pathway
Currently, there are 4 upgrading pathways i.e. the Multi-Skilling Scheme, CoreTrade, Market-Based Skills Recognition Framework (MBF) and Direct R1 to upgrade a construction WPH from basic-skilled (R2) to higher-skilled (R1). Under the Direct R1 upgrading pathway, WPHs are required to earn a minimum fixed salary of $1,600/month and pass the SEC(K) at a higher-skill level.
Since 1 Jan 2022, the Direct R1 pathway has been enhanced for Malaysian and NAS Construction WPHs. In lieu of passing the SEC(K) at a higher-skill level, Malaysian and NAS WPHs can now meet the skills assessment requirement for an R1 WPH either by obtaining the SEC(K) certificate without the requirement for passing at a higher-skill level, or by holding an SPM qualification (for Malaysians only). From 7 Feb 2022 onwards, Malaysian and NAS WPHs will also be able to upgrade to R1 by passing the ALP end-of-course validation. They will still be required to earn a minimum fixed salary of $1,600/month. Please refer to Table 2 for more details.
ALP table 2

Existing R2 Malaysian and NAS construction WPHs who are eligible to upgrade to R1 under the enhanced Direct R1 upgrading pathway have been automatically upgraded on 1 Jan 2022.  Employers may login to MOM’s online levy portal “Check and Pay Foreign Worker Levy” to refer to their latest levy bill to confirm the R1 status for their Malaysian and NAS Construction WPHs who are eligible to upgrade.

ATTCs in Singapore

ATTC map v28 (updated as @ 01 Jun 2024)

There are 25 ATTCs located across Singapore. Contact details and the list of trade tests, skills assessments and CET courses offered by each centre can be found below^.

^The list of ATTCs is updated periodically and BCA does not certify or accredit any other training centres other than the list of ATTCs published

Loss of Trade Test Certificates

If you have a new worker who have just reported to work in Singapore,  as an employer, please register him for Identity Verification at BCA. Upon successful verification, the worker’s copy of In- Principle Approval (IPA) will be endorsed and original skills certificate issued to him.

There is no replacement of certificates. E-statements will only be issued to verified candidates who had passed the test conducted by the BCA. The statement is only for trade test certificates issued by BCA.

Applicants for BCA’s Request of Statement can contact BCA ATTC here.

Information on ATTCs

List of ATTCs

Contact details of ATTCs that are approved by BCA to conduct training courses and offer test enrolment services to the industry.

The list of ATTCs is updated periodically and BCA does not certify or accredit any other training centres other than the list of ATTCs published.

List of training course and test fees

Fees payable for the training courses and tests/assessments applicable to the various trades.

List of CET courses

Scheduled course dates, fees and providers for Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions relating to upgrading pathways, registration of CoreTrade Personnel, deployment requirements of CoreTrade Personnel, and registration of Multi-Skilling Personnel.

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