Case Study - Eunoia Junior College

tower block front elevation

Tower Block Front Elevation

tower block rear elevation

Tower Block Rear Elevation

Project Team

Developer: Ministry of Education
Architect: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
Structural Engineer: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
M&E Engineer:CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
Main Contractor: Kimly-Lian Ho Lee Joint Venture
CLT Supplier: Essepi XXL, KLH
GLULAM Supplier: HESS Timber

The new campus of Eunoia Junior College (EJC) is located at 2 Sin Ming Place. The college has an estimated total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 48,000mand is the first high-rise school constructed in Singapore using Mass Engineered Timber (MET). MET construction system was used mainly for 1 academic block of 10 and 12-storey (on each side of the block) from 4thfloor and above (excluding roof). The façade was partly built with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) cladded with aluminium panels. The floor of the classrooms were built with a hybrid slab system called CREE, which is an innovative prefabricated structural floor system. CREE comprises of a precast concrete slab and Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) beams.  

The use of the hybrid slab system combines the benefits of reinforced concrete slab and Glulam beams, as vibration is reduced and the structure remains lightweight. Hence, the CREE hybrid slab can be produced in larger panel sizes and their use brings about savings in man-hours during installation. In addition, no skim coat is required for the underside of the CREE panels which further enhances construction productivity.

To meet fire safety requirements, non-combustible vapour barrier boards were used. The board covered the external face of the CLT wall, with aluminium panels cladded over the board as a protective layer against fire and weather. To ensure each floor is compartmentalised, the façade system is separated with cavity/air gap and fire-stop at every level. With the use of CLT for the façade, there was a productivity improvement of more than 30% as compared to using precast concrete walls since the lighter CLT eases installation on site.

In addition, a row of fast response sprinkler heads called deluge fire sprinkler system was also installed. The sprinkler system protects the internal wall in case of any fire incident. The internal face of the CLT is exposed without any cladding or fire protection board. 

view of a typical classroom in ejc
View of a typical classroom in EJC(courtesy of Kimly-Lian Ho Lee Joint Venture)
cree hybrid slab system used in ejc
CREE Hybrid Slab system used in EJC (courtesy of Kimly-Lian Ho Lee Joint Venture)

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