Green Mark for Transit Stations GM TS-2018 Criteria

The BCA Green Mark for Transit Stations (GM TS: 2018) is a new addition to the suite of Green Mark schemes. It provides a holistic framework for rail or light rail stations (such as MRT stations) - elevated or underground - to be designed, constructed and operated sustainably, while enhancing commuters' experience.

This scheme complements the other related Green Mark schemes for transport facilities (shown in Fig 1).

Figure 1: GM schemes that support sustainable transit stations

Criteria Overview

The criteria for Green Mark for Transit Stations is adapted from the prevailing Green Mark for Non-Residential Buildings with specific focus on the station’s design and functionality. The criteria framework includes the following sustainability indicators:

• Responsive Urban Design (Leadership, Urban harmony, Tropicality)
Encourage the development of a sustainable and accessible development with collaborative efforts among key stakeholders

• Energy Performance (Energy efficiency, Energy effectiveness, Renewable energy)
Encourage the use of high-energy efficiency equipment for air-conditioning, lighting, and also the use of Solar Photovoltaic panels  

• Resource Stewardship (Water, Materials, Waste)
Encourage the conservation of resources like water, materials and reduction of waste in the development of Transit Stations  

• Smart and Healthy Buildings (Indoor air quality, Spatial quality, Smart operations)
Encourage designs that enhances user comfort and provision of control systems to monitor the operation of the station  

• Advanced Green Efforts (Enhanced performance, Cost effective design, Complementary certifications, Social benefits)
Provide other strategies, designs or processes that demonstrate exceptional levels of sustainable performance and innovations.  

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