Green Professionals

Certification schemes recognise individuals who have attained a good foundation and knowledge in the design and operation of environmentally friendly buildings.

Available schemes

SGBC Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme (with effect from 1 July 2019)

BCA GM Specialist Scheme 
(Prior to 1 July 2019)
SGBC Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme (with effect from 1 July 2019) 
Certified Green Mark Manager
[Certified GMM]
Green Mark Accredited Professional
[Green Mark AP]
Certified Green Mark Facilities Manager
[Certified GMFM]
Green Mark Accredited Professional (Facilities Management)
[Green Mark AP (FM)]
Certified Green Mark Professional
[Certified GMP]
Green Mark Advanced Accredited Professional
[Green Mark AAP]
Certified Green Mark Facilities Professional
[Certified GMFP]
Green Mark Advanced Accredited Professional (Facilities Management)
[Green Mark AAP (FM)]
Collective term for GMM, GMP, GMFM, GMFP:
Green Mark Specialist
Collective term for Green Mark AP, Green Mark AP (FM), Green Mark AAP, Green Mark AAP(FM):
Green Mark Accredited Professional (GMAP)

Energy Auditor

Title Definition
Energy auditor You can be appointed to carry out energy audits to verify the performance of a building’s cooling system.

Click on the individual scheme for eligibility criteria and application process.

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