Quality Fee Method (QFM) Framework

The Quality Fee Method (QFM) is a structured tender evaluation framework based on both fees and non-fees attributes to evaluate construction-related consultancy tenders. QFM adopts a range of weightages for evaluation of attributes and formalises the assessment of non-fees attributes into quantitative scores. The framework optimises value by enabling the tenderer with the highest combined QFM score (i.e. best offer) to be selected for award.

Who is it for

The QFM applies to all public sector construction-related consultancy services tenders with Estimated Procurement Value (EPV) exceeding the Quotation limit called under the Public Sector Panels of Consultants (PSPC)

The QFM(AC) applies to all public sector procurement of Accredited Checking (AC) services through quotations and tenders approach.

How it works


The QFM framework accounts for both fee and non-fee attributes of tender proposals to determine the best value-for-money among all submitted proposals. The Productivity component will be removed with effect from 1 June 2022. Depending on the project requirements such as complexity of the project and extent of inputs from tenderers, the evaluation of tenders can be designed based on a range of weightages as follows.


Old Weightages

New Weightages
(With effect from 1 Jun 2022)





10%-30% correspondingly

10%-30% correspondingly





Similarly, the QFM(AC) framework accounts for both fee and quality attributes.



Quality Score


Submission Quality Score



10-30%, correspondingly

Productivity Indices

The productivity indices for evaluation purposes in QFM are updated on a quarterly basis, in the months of January, April, July and October. From 1 June 2022, the TA(D) Index and WD(D) Index will be removed and will not be applicable for tender evaluation. The BS Index will continue to be applicable.

BS Index – Buildable Design Score (BS) Index

TA(D) Index – Technology Adoption (Design) Index

WD(D) Index – Workforce Development (Design) Index

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