BCA-HPB Green Mark for Healthier Workplaces

The health and well-being of building occupants is increasingly becoming a major value proposition for the adoption of green buildings and interior spaces. This awareness is echoed by business leaders and companies that place growing emphasis on employee health and well-being to differentiate themselves as the employer of choice. In line with global trend and increasing demand for green and healthy buildings, the BCA Green Mark has been placing greater emphasis on the quality of indoor environments as well as the health, comfort and well-being of the users and occupants.

To strengthen the business case for energy-efficient, resource efficient and healthier interior spaces, BCA collaborated with Health Promotion Board (HPB) to develop the new BCA-HPB Green Mark for Healthier Workplaces scheme (GM HW: 2018).

With international studies indicating that 90% of the business operating costs are related to human capital costs, staffs productivity would be of paramount interest and concern to any company. The new GM HW would appeal to companies that place emphasis on both health and well-being in addition to environmental sustainability in the office. GM HW aims to provide a clearer and stronger business case for office sustainability by placing occupants health, well-being and comfort at the forefront of office design and daily operations. It also seeks to create a supportive environment through the establishment of workplace health structures, policies and programmes. With the inclusion of criteria that also looks at the health and well-being, we hope that this will make the value proposition for green interior more compelling and personal from the users angle.

Refer to here for more information on BCA-HPB Green Mark for Healthier Workplaces: 2018

BCA Green Mark certification supports green buildings movement by encouraging sustainable buildings in Singapore's built environment. Moving forward, BCA encourages Super Low Energy (SLE) Buildings and Healthier Workplaces.

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