Super Low Energy Programme

The SLE programme is the next wave of Singapore’s green building movement. SLE buildings feature best-in-class energy efficiency, the use of onsite and offsite renewable energy and other intelligent energy management strategies.

Green Mark SLE certification

BCA is inviting industry stakeholders to strive to achieve at least one GM SLE project by 2023. The SLE Challenge applies to both new and existing non-residential buildings.

Since the launch in 2018, close to 100 industry stakeholders have taken part in the challenge. To date, 50 projects have been awarded GM SLE.

Green Mark SLE categories

 Categories Description
 Super Low Energy (SLE) The best-in-class performing Green Mark Building that achieve at least 60% [1] energy savings.

[1] This refers to 60% energy savings above 2005 building codes which is being used as the anchor reference for Green Mark energy savings.
 Zero Energy (ZE)  A super low energy (SLE) building with all energy consumption, including plug load, supplied from renewable energy sources [2] (both on-site and off-site).

[2] Building development should maximise the on-site renewable source first before exploring off-site renewable sources. Where the project is using REC's, these must be generated accordance with SS 673: 2021 Code of practice for renewable energy certificates through renewable energy generated within Singapore. The length of time of REC is minimally three years with commitment of re-certification.
 Positive Energy (PE) A super low energy (SLE) building with 115% of all energy consumption, including plug load, supplied from onsite renewable energy sources.

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